The best university for nursing in Aberdeen, Scotland

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The best university for nursing in Aberdeen, Scotland


Before making an entrant into a university, it is always good to make a search of good university that would give the maximum of the expectations. In this paper, the concentration is on the search of a good university, especially between two famous universities in Aberdeen namely Robert Gordon and University of Dundee. As well, the major is Adult Nursing for three years, and from the analysis, it can be noted that the best university that would provide this is the University of Robert Gordon, which is noted to provide sufficient knowledge and skills relevant for caring of the adults. In the search and as Timofeeva (2002, 32) writes, an adult’s nursing course is that which has to provide the new aspects of the practical aspects of Medicaid and Medicare for the aged or adults.

Null Hypothesis

The University of Robert Gordon is the best when it comes to the provision of the best knowledge when it comes to nursing of the adults since it not only provide adequate theoretical knowledge but also the practical aspect of the course.

What an entrant is looking for in Higher Educational institution and course

The concentration of the undergraduate is to undertake a course in adult nursing for three years, and in this, a number of things must be born in mind. For three year, the applicant expects to develop real nursing knowledge and more so the clinical nursing skills. As well, it is expected that for the three years, there would be two placements periods, and these would be focused in enabling one to put to test what he or she has learned throughout the course. It demonstrates the skills and the progression that one has made in the course and achievements gotten in the area of nursing. However, there are expectations and the requirements that are needed during registration, but the concentration is on the kind of expectations that one would get when he or she engages in the profession. Specifically, the Adult nursing in Robert Gordon University is expected to provide a number of proficiency at the end of the course.

An entrant would be expecting to attain high progression to the profession concerning adult nursing and developing a real proficiency in the practice of nursing in a real field. In the two placement periods, it is expected I would achieve maximum proficiency especially in consideration that one would be exposed to the real practice. This is when a person is taught real applied nursing, and with the combination of the applied nursing research, high proficiency is expected of a person who undergoes the training in the field of adult nursing. As per Robert Gordon University, there is the provision of training and theoretical issues in some critical perspectives in adult nursing. Essentially, it would be good that the international healths care and the personal experience that is applied to the real professional practice.

Robert Gordon and University of Dundee

As per the University of Dundee, adult nursing program is said to prepare a person in the taking care of the adults who have disabilities and this is within the National Health Service. In this university, the adult learning is aimed at promoting the wellness of the adults and especially those who are suffering from one condition to the other, or they cannot make to perform as per excellence as expected of other people. To this regard, the putting of the adult nursing is all about responding to the poor illness and the poor health of the adults who are prone to serious effects if they are not subjected to proper medication. Therefore, with learning adult nursing in this university, it would put a person in a position that one can take care of these underprivileged and vulnerable to serious disease. The persons who are considered adults are those who are of the age sixteen and above but only those how have some physical health problems.

It can however be noted that this course is not detailed as when it is compared to the same course for three years in the University of Dundee. Specifically, the course is not mentioned in details, and therefore, if one is to compare the two universities, one would prefer the Dundee University, which shows clearly, what is expected of a person, and the qualifications that one is expected to have achieved at the end of the course or after three years of study. In Robert Gordon University, there is no mention of practical aspect after the completion of the course. No placement periods mentioned in this course. However, when it comes to the University of Dundee, there is the mention of the two placement periods and this puts it as more relevant in adult nursing.

Methodology and procedure

In carrying out of this investigation, the scope would be two Universities in Aberdeen namely Robert Gordon University and University of Dundee. The qualitative analysis would be used where quality of the information that is provided in their library and other materials would be analyzed to give the better of the two in nursing of adults.

Results and discussion

From the analysis, it is clear that the University of Choice when it comes to the course Adult Nursing is the Robert Gordon University and this is because, as it can be compared of the two, this university provides even the practical aspects of the course. According to Snider (2010, 22), the nursing program is that which prepares the students not only to engage in theoretical knowledge, but also in practical aspects. Therefore, from this comparison, a good university is one, which provides both the practical aspects and the theoretical aspects, and from the analysis of the two universities, it is clear that the university, which can provide such kind of experience and knowledge, is the University of Robert Gordon.


When choosing the best university that can take care of the needs and expected knowledge, it is always good to look at the small details of the courses that are provided, and this paper analyzed the university from the chosen two that which can provide enough knowledge regarding a three-year course adult nursing. From the analysis, it is clear that the University that can provide the needed knowledge is University of Robert Gordon against University of Dundee. The chosen course; a 3 year adult nursing and the needed knowledge after the 3 years is the University of Robert Gordon and as can be compared with the University of Dundee, it is both practical and theoretical.


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