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Writing of research papers is a common experience to students at universities and tertiary institutions of learning. The first experience with research papers is not a friendly with most students and this is a normal condition. A research paper can be defined as a piece of writing that gives the research findings during a particular research period. To most students writing these papers is not an easy task and therefore most of them turn to free research papers online with the aim of finding a paper that meets their requirements and standards according to the given instructions. There are free research papers online that a student can obtain through downloading after paying the required amount of money. The student then proceeds to download the material and after few adjustments the material can be presented in class as individual work of the student.

Although free research papers online are useful sources of research papers, most times student do not find a paper that meet their specifications and they end up being frustrated or presenting the wrong papers. The ability to use free research papers online resources to find the required papers is therefore an important aspect in the life of a student if they wish to apply this resource at one time of their academic lives. The ability to find useful free research papers online not only depends on the student ability to find the required materials but also on the availability of the right material at the right time. The availability of the right material and student’s ability are therefore the main factors that determine the success of finding the required paper.


After obtaining the required free research papers online, the next important step that the student should take is to determine whether the paper fits their research question. This will require proofreading the paper in order to determine how well it fits the description given in their research question. At this stage, the student needs to make any necessary addition or subtractions on the content of the research paper to make it appropriate. The student should also ensure that the obtained paper meet the required standards as specified in their institution. The student should therefore ensure that the paper obtained from the online resources meets their institution’s writing requirements and procedures.


There are several reasons why students opt to obtain free research papers online and the reasons are mainly determined by the student’s choice. The main reason why students prefer free research papers online is that the procedure saves them the time needed to write and proofread their own paper. Secondly, most students lack the essential skills that are required in creating a research paper and therefore most of them will turn to the online resource hoping to find a well-written paper that will guarantee them good score in their exams. Most of them lack time and patience required to compile an appropriate paper and therefore they prefer obtaining ready-made online papers.


Although obtaining free research papers online has many benefits for the students, the habit has been heavily criticized due to the negative effects that it has on the students. Most lecturers and academic staff discourage students from obtaining online assistant concerning their papers claiming that it affects their intellectual credibility. Lastly, obtaining free research papers online affect the creativity of the students and this has an effect on their academic performance. Whether students should be obtaining free research papers online or whether they should write their own papers remains an issue of major concern. It is therefore upon the student to make the appropriate choice concerning the appropriate method that they should apply to complete their papers.

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