Stress Management for Healthy Living Kinesiology

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Stress Management for Healthy Living Kinesiology

Anger management

In anger management, it is appropriate to keep cool so that at least when it comes to reaction, a lot of ‘heat’ may already have been lost. Therefore, one of the styles of managing anger that I find most distressing or most unhealthy is immediate reaction. True to the word, when one is confronted by a situation that could be damaging to the person, he or she is prone to be very angry, and the immediate thing that one can come up with is to react to the situation that solve it immediately. This has its difficulties, and in this discussion, it is noted that the downs are of higher magnitude than the ups. As well, we propose that the best way to manage such as situation is to first vacate the place or just go away, and before you confront the situation to find a solution, much of the tension would have already drifted away.

This is arguably a most difficult way to manage such a situation, but according to my own analysis, it is the best way to tackle such a situation. Taking an example of somebody who just slaps you hard, it is possible that you can pick anything that can be found and hit back, or you can just use your own energy and confront the person. This is letting the steam take the better part of you, and it would be of no difference between the person who started and you as the person who responded. If you were to respond by hitting back by the use of anything that can be found or by the use of own energy, then, what would be the result is just an escalated situation. For instance, you can hit hard by the use of a blunt object or even a sharp one like a knife if it is the one available, and the result of such would not augur well with the law. It may land you in a deep situation that even you who was innocent in the first place find oneself in a difficult situation to come out.

However, one can take another situation where, if you are hit or slapped by another person, and where immediate anger comes in, you can analyze the situation first before reacting. A number of questions may play in the mind. For instance, who is the person who has hit me and what is the relationship I have with the person? What action could have prompted the person to react the way he or she has reacted and are there bits of warranting the situation? If I react angrily now, what are the likely repercussion, especially bearing in mind that he may like the situation to be like that? Such questions are paramount in such a situation and if as analyzed above you react angrily and engage the person, then, the person may take advantage of such a situation to put you in a more distressing situation. It is very unhealthy to go against one’s principle on management of stress, and create a proper understanding of the other person.

The proposal here is to make an about turn if the two of you were going together, and if the situation is in a group of people who have seen what has happened, the best way is to make everybody understand that you are not to react to the situation but would rather leave the situation hanging. The next course of action after making an about turn or leaving the place is to think and ponders hard on the reasons that could have prompted the other party to put and test you. One may actually find that the person wanted the situation to be like that, or he was testing you on your intelligence on management of anger. Afterwards, and in a most comfortable situation, one should approach the other and tend to enquire on the reasons that he or she acted the way he or she did.


Management of self

Quote: “And there were the usual moans and groans about petty troubles, such as the snapping of wires which replaced shoelaces (pg 50).” This quote is relevant as it brings some issues into the fore, such as; some people are not in a position to manage themselves over some matters that are better left for the children. All human beings try to create a meaning for themselves, and the problem connected to this is that in doing so, one creates a clear impression of him or herself to others. Therefore, we should be careful that when we are doing something, we do not put our names and the images in a most awkward position. In the above analysis, we have seen that some people were crying or moaning over some matters that can be resolved easily or do not warrant them to behave the way they are behaving. The author notes that these are very usual, and therefore, a number of people tend to exhibit such kind of behaviors in them.

In life, we should try to differentiate the things that qualify our lives and the things that only help in putting us down as human beings. Those things that qualify our lives like strong decision making should be highly enhanced, while the things that tend to put a bad name on ourselves should be kept aside. Otherwise, if we happen to concentrate on the things that may in one way or another please us, yet they are very much tarnishing your name, then, we are only sending a negative implication or image about ourselves. Groaning about petty things or moaning is negative, and it could be more hurting if such is being exhibited by a man. A man is known to be strong, and so are women of modern days. They do not cry over something, which cannot be recollected or put back into their original status. That is crying over something that is petty and very unworthy to think about.                                                           

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