Anthropology: Steel Axes for Stone–Age Australians

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Anthropology: Steel Axes for StoneAge Australians

The Yir Yoront group in Australia had originally no knowledge regarding the use of metals and they belonged to the group of old Stone Age or what is referred to as Paleolithic type. To support themselves, their main activity was hunting and fishing and the vegetables were obtained and other materials from the bush by use of simple techniques for gathering. However, towards the end of the 19th century was invaded by what were then the modern artifacts from Europe and more so, it included the use of metals. By use of this and comparison with the modern culture, which I possess, there is a great difference where, while the group used to gather from the forest their food, my food is just outside the doorstep with modern forms of cultivation being used. The use of metal is extensive with it being almost the definition of modern housing and as tools of making machines to make work easier.

This group was relatively isolated from each other, they continued to live a kind of economic existence that is independent, and the way they supported themselves was purely with the Old Stone Age techniques. Time was catching on them as the invasion ensured that their tools were being replaced fast; for example, their form of axe was replaced by the modern technology of making things easier. The modern society did not start with the use of hands to make work easier; rather, the machines were there when we got to the industries. Perhaps, the group used to light fire using sticks to roast meat that they gathered, but what we have today are like ovens or electric cookers that make everything easier. This comparison helps us understand where in general, humankind came from. However, with the mention that the European men were going deep into their cultures mean that some areas were more developed.

By the year 1935, the Yir Yoront were still using some cultures that show that they could not adopt the culture of modernity or move together with the people that were trying to help them out. This clinging of the culture only meant that they were not willing to learn fast even though the people that invaded those places were trying first to fix themselves into their culture and then change with them slowly. In comparison with the modern culture, the cultures described in this group could only be termed as obsolete and which cannot be used to generate anything. Instead of having, people guide us to grow, the generation that we have today or which I live in invents new ways itself. This is the big difference between the cultures analyzed where the past of the Yir Yoront meant being guided to civilization while the modern generation is trying to invent things for themselves and make their world look better.

Even though there were some people who were out there including the government to protect these people and try to persuade them to act responsibly or adopt the lives of the  majority, they still clung to their self supporting life in the bush, and this was until the year 1942. The places that were inhabited by the group remained poor because they were willing to let it go, or they acted as laggard to anything that was coming from their ‘outside.’ However, little by little, we read that they were able to adopt the western artifacts, and by large, this could be explained as positive western influence to the marginalized and poor groups. Noting how these are in the current generation, the disparity is that the modern world has everything at its disposal and anyone can define its own world. There are few expected struggles for the modern man to evolve and improve his world and this has been made easier by what has been made available for us especially free machines.


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