sample essay writing

Sample Essay Writing

Sample essay writing refers to the process in which any given writer writes model essays for the purpose of either enhancing their writing capability or offering a guide sample to other writers. An essay is a description about something that occurred. The writer provides sufficient details about the people, place, and events so that the person who reads gets a clear thought of how the writer feels about them.

In sample essay writing the writer begins the essay with a general statement. This statement should be catchy and its intention is to draw the reader’s attention. Without a proper opening statement, the writer will eventually fail to sustain the reader’s interest. Therefore, the foremost step in sample essay writing is to generate a topic. Having a topic is crucial because it assists one to focus.

There are several types of essays the first type being the narrative essays. Narrative essays are essays that give a story. They provide the reader with a chronology of events that happened. Sample essay writing activity includes drafting of narrative samples. When writing a narrative essay it is critical that the narrative should have description of time, places, and people.

The other kind of an essay in sample essay writing is the persuasive essay. In this essay, the writer attempts to persuade the reader to adopt his or her particular point of view about a particular subject. The essay writer adopts a particular point of view than attempts to provide data to support his specific stand.

The third type of an essay in sample essay writing is the process essay. It is an essay, written with the sole purpose of describing procedures. This kind of essays is common in scientific writing where the writer has to front the methods and approaches involved in doing a particular activity.

Once the writer has identified the purpose of writing the sample essay, either to narrate, to describe, or to persuade, the next step in sample essay writing is to look for materials that will assist him or her to research and understand more about the subject that one is going to write. When doing a research one should have a note card with which to jot down all the major sources of his work. This is necessary in making the writing of the bibliography easier.

Once the research is complete, the next step is to draft an outline, which is a sketchy model of how the sample essay writing will be. The outline assists the user to have an idea of how the final essay will be.

After drafting an outline, the next step in sample essay writing is preparing the first draft. The first draft is much easier when one has an outline. After drafting the first draft one should take a break before proofreading it, this is to ensure that the mind is fresh and can have a view of the mistakes. It also makes the mind receptive to new ideas. After proofreading and improving on the first draft, the final draft should be prepared, and proofread, to remove grammatical and spelling errors.



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