Proficiency in English Writing

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Proficiency in English Writing

My woes and the concrete desires. In life, I have never had enough and every time it would seem that the cup of joy is at the brim, a misfortune would befall me and the joy would spill over. The spilt joy can never be recollected and I would go back to the dreamland, cultivate the dream and try to reach to the brim; but all over again my wishes would become my misfortunes. All the way, I have tried to think over what ails me even though the answer is not definite, a hovering cloud would always appear before the implementation of the desires, and this would make my dream fall and me by the way side.

However, nurturing of my dreams has never been a daunting task as every time I wake up with a new desire; but the problem is that the desire would not come to the implementation by the end of the day. However, that is healthy as it keeps me going; and in fact, MacGregor (17) writes of dreams and quotes that, “In fact, dreaming regularly is essential to human psychological stability.” That has been my key allay and I would always go by the wishes deep from my heart despite falling by the way side before implementation. My dreamlands have become my own problems because whenever I remember of the fallen dream, I would go crazy for not coming up with some concrete desires. Dreams are good and keeps one moving as noted earlier; however, MacGregor (17) quotes, “dreams are so startling or vivid that you can’t help but remember them.”

The grief in not achieving the desires. My life seems aimless; for example, I have always desired to an extrovert, a person who is free with others and whose decision-making is not a problem to him or her. The problem with me is that I would make a great step; for example, I would try to make a good relation with other people, but my dream would fall by the way side whenever I make the step towards this direction. My past grips me and holds me back such that I go back to my old self. My friends have found a strange person in me and tried to lighten me up to no avail; and this is however much I would try to cope with their efforts. This would kill my ego and to some extent, I value my life as wrecked because I am unable to achieve the most basic of what everybody should have to be social with everyone. I always admire how my friends go about talking nicely to one another, how they walk hand in hand with mates of opposite gender, and how they always seem to be happy. While I understand that some people are born introverts while others are extroverts, I do not understand why God chose my life to be that of an introvert; having desires of a social life despite how much I try.

I have a purpose for my life. Despite falling by the way, side when trying to make my dream come true, I always look forward to having a fruitful life; a life that I can socialize with others in a free manner. The problem is that I have never had the real concrete plan only that most of the plans that I make do not see the light of the day. My purpose in life is to be a person who can socialize with anybody, who can make good friends and generally be a social person to be interacted.

What if! What if this dream was to be true? What if one day I would wake up only to find myself in a mode that can interact with others freely? Shakespeare (xxvii) in his novel A Midsummer Night’s Dream writes of dreams and quotes, “If the incidents were to occur in a dream, one night is surely enough for the longest of dreams; the play might have opened on the last day of April, and as far as the demands of a dream were concerned…” The dreams are dreams and even those of Shakespeare remained as dreams.

That is when I would say that I have come to the peak of my world; however, the problem is that this remains my desires and the dreams, which are not likely to come in the near future!

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