Information Technology Security Concepts

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Information Technology Security Concepts

Business security is a fundamental aspect that every business organization has to consider. With computers being used as the main storage facilities for company data and projects, business systems need to be protected from any sudden risk of attack. There are different types of security risks that the company may be exposed. Some of the risks may be predicted due to the nature in which they occur while others may be prompted by natural forces. Risks that can be predicted need to be noted and necessary security measures employed. Such security methods may include the installation of certain software to prevent invasion of any material that is not authorized by the company. For the risks that are unpredictable and happen naturally, the business need to be prepared to handle them so that they do not interfere with the stored data (Calder, 2005).

In managing organizational systems, it is necessary for the organization to have a technical engineer who has an understanding of how the systems are operated. Incase a company is faced with a certain risk; the management should avoid employing any security measures that is it may not be sure about their effectiveness. The company should seek technical expertise even if it means from external sources. The company should avoid developing its own software systems and instead ensure that their applications are not subject to possible attacks. Managing risks requires adequate funds and the company should therefore ensure that adequate funds are set aside in their financial budget. Availability of funds to manage the occurrence of unpredictable risks will prevent the company from having to panic but handle it effectively. Finally, the organizational staff should be informed on the various security measures that they have constantly to observe so that the systems are protected from invasion (Whitman, 2007).



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