Seeking for scholarship

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Seeking for scholarship

I am seeking to extend my studies at your Lewis State College in this fall and I hereby apply for in-house scholarship provided at your college. I am already over with my high school education, which I completed in May 2011 from Troy High School and wish to enroll at your college for a welding program. This is a profession I have yearned for long and not only is my passion directed towards the program with some past experiences, but also because my role and mentor; my uncle is deep into the profession. I am keen on taking care of the business, which is roaming once he retires from active profession, and with relevant skills, I will acquire from your school, I believe I would be in a position to further it to the next levels. My interests range from going to church, working with children especially tutoring them on church mattes, motorcycle repair services and cycling; archery, snowmobiles, hunting, working with horses in the farm and building.

My efforts and dedication to what I am engaged in have been recognized at a number of places and in a number of times. I particularly note that I have been honored a number of time in my former school, and notably, the recent being nominated and chosen as the student of the month. I was and still is an active participant in matters regarding sports and in a number of times, I have helped my teams get the ultimate crown. Such awards include the grand champion after showing my steer and sheep in FFA and 4-h. That is not enough, as I was recognized as a person of many sports, and in all of those, I helped my teams to come to the tops with my active role being to motivate and guide through. Notably, my favorite sports were football, basketball, and wrestling, and singling football, I helped my team to come out as champions this year.

I am also grounded on strong religious value and especially Christianity where I strongly subscribe to the values and norms of Christianity. Thanks to my parents who were and still strong on this and taking after them, I have devoted my efforts to tutoring young children on Christian values. I actually attribute what I am today to these efforts of Christianity and I believe, these values have made me steer clear of evil and any other diverting issues from the straight path. I assure that if considered, I will bring with me these values to college, and promise here that they will be the guiding principles in all my conduct. Notably, I have been molded to be a person who sticks to what has been provided by my superiors as far as they are constructive, and when so, I contribute to making them workable. I therefore have the strongest belief that I would be a good asset to your school in a number of sectors and that is not to ignore academic issues.

The above qualities that can only be attested when tested are what I promise to bring with me when I am considered for scholarship. I am known to stick to provisions set, and in this, I will uphold any values that would be given to me as conditions for the relevance of my scholarship. With a great welding program, my future would be shaped to the best form, and gratitude would always be for the college. I consider this to be my turning point and if granted, I foresee my future being well shaped; a future that would defy what I am today, that is, a person whose status position is not good. My parents have gotten themselves to the limit and given that even high school education was a real struggle, they may not be able to sustain me to have full education. I rely on your reply to my request, and hoping that my application would go through.


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