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Q I have had bad experiences with other though not all online academic assistance   companies. Is your company different from them?
A. Most of the clients who visit our company for the first time share with us the same sentiment but after we complete their first assignment they gain trust with us. It is true that there are writing companies that offer unethical essay writing services that damage the reputation of legitimate writing services. In contrast, our company has always done everything we can to earn the trust of our clients by providing quality custom papers at affordable prices. We guarantee quality custom writing services that many other companies do not.

Q. Are You a US registered company?
A. We are legally registered to solve your academic problems with professional writing and research. We strive to offer highest quality services with every customer and on every order from all the fields.

Q. How Is The Safety Of Your Site? Does It Guarantee Safety In Placing An Order Online?
A. We gaurantee 100% safety in placing your order online. At orderwriters.com so many of our customers regulary place orders and leave satisfied with our services.  We use encrypted transaction for security and no one can access your credit card details.

Q. How Do You Ensure Privacy In Your Services?
A. We do not sell or share your information to other academic assistant companies.    We esteem your privacy before anything else. When we do an essay for you, we ensure it is tailor made. When we sell you a paper, we guarantee that no third party can access it.

Paper Writing Services & Order Processing

Q. Which Type Of Papers Do You Specialize?
A.We handle papers from all disciplines since we have professionals in all fields and therefore we can write on any topic.

Q. Do You Have The Capacity To Write My Order?
A. At orderwriters.com we uphold professionalism by ensuring that our writers and customer support staff are both experienced and authorities in their given field. We offer services in all fields and submit the asignments within the deadline of your choice. Our custom writing services are unmatched by any other writing company as we write your paper from the scratch, and screen it through our quality assurance team to ensure high standards are met. Our academic writing team is a selection of the best writers who have been writing for many years and therefore know the importance of observing all the instructions from our clients. We encourage our paper writers to be creative, professional and of high integrity. Our writing team has unlimited access to electronic libraries that are well equipped and regularly updated to ensure the most current research is done on your essay.

Q. Are Your Writers Quaified?
A. We provide quality writing and research and this has earned our company enormous goodwill. We ensure that our writers are holders of at least masters degre in a reputable univeristy in order to ensure that your paper is to the point and written from the scratch in order to gaurantee originality.  Our company has quality assurance team to review all the works completed before submitting it to the respective clients.

Q. Do You Offer Specialized Services?

A. Most orders require specialized services from writers who have expertise in that field.  Based on the level of study of your paper we pick on the writer who can complete the assgniment with the simplicity or complexity the instructions require. We send you a regular update of the progress of your orders. Our staff is over eight hundred in number comprising of writers, editors, and customer support and quality assurance team.

Q. Do You Have Channels That Allow Communication Between Your Writers And The Client?
A. At orderwriters.com, after placing an order you can always get in touch with the writer and even receive regular updates on the progress of your order. In case you may want clarification on whether the writer understands your instructions, you can always asks and you will receive updates as soon as possible. You can also request for a draft of you essay as you wait for the company to complete your work within the deadline. We have a messaging system between our writers and the customers that operates 24/7 and you can also send any additional material as the writer continues with your work. Our customer support  are also on live chat 24/7 to answer to any of your questions.

Q. How Can I Monitor The Progress Of My Order?
A. In our customer administration area we ensure that your order status are regulary updated and in a format that any customer can easily see and understand. We have e-mail mesaging system, live chat or you can even call any time.

Q. Can I Request A Draft From My Writer?
A. Yes. We provide you with an opportunity to ask for a draft of your paper at any stage of the work without charging you extra money. However, we advice that when you order for the service the first time, you also make request for the draft if it is necessary. Although you may send the request directly to the writer, we advice that you may also enquire from the admin if the request was received. This ensures that you receive the dratf without delay.

Q. After My Work Is Completed, How Do I Get It?
A. We advice you to open an account freely with our website where we can upload your completed assignment. If you have an account with us you can always download your paper once it is completed. However, we can also deliver the assignment via e-mail if you request us to do so. In case you have any dificulty you can contact our support staff for assistance.

Q. How Do I Know That I Will Get My Paper On Time?
A. Once you have placed an order with us we start working on it immediatelly. We research and write your paper 24 hours a day and we deliver the paper within the agreed time. Depending on the nature of your order and the number of pages, we may request you to extend the deadline you initially requested to allow the writer ample time to research and organize your work. This normally happen with specialized orders. We however, request you to extend the dealdine in good time to avoid the last minute rush.

Q. How Can I Be Certain That My Paper Is Plagiarism Free?
Our  team of writers are only interested in writing your paper from the scratch in order to provide you with an oringinal paper. All our papers are plagiarism free even when the demands of the paper are complex.

Q. Suppose My Proffesor Changes Instructions After I Have Placed An Order With Your Company. Am I Allowed To Make  Any Chnages In My Initial Instructions?
A. We provide you with unlimitted oportunities to request for revisions free of charge but they must be in accordance with your original instructions. This helps in compying with our policies.

Q. Is It Possible For Your Writers To Write My Paper If I Do Not Provide References For My Asgnment?
A. Our team of writers have unlimited access to online libralies and can acess almost any reference material required to writer your paper. Our writers have access to many online libraries and can do almost any research for you that your paper requires. However, because some sources require more time to access, we may request you to upload some additional materials that could be helpful. This helps the writer to have more focus on your paper and follow all the instructions given.

Q. In Case I Have Trouble With Any Order What Meassures Should I Take?
A. From past experience since we started writing services there has been no issue with our clients that we have not been able to solve with ease. In case there is any issue with any order that you have placed contact us and we shall handle it online or through phone. We offer the services 24 hours 7 days in a week.

Q. Do You Include List Of References And Bibliography In Your Papers?
A. Yes. We write papers from the scratch and include all the references and bibliography that you requested or that our writers use in writing the papers. We ensure we have put the required number of references in your instructions.

Q. What Do I Do With A Paper That I Am Not Satisfied With?
A. In case the paper you receive deviates slighly  with your expectation we are happy to be informed so that we can ensure all your requirements have been followed. We always put the interest of our customers first and that is what makes us the best writing company in this industry. We offer unlimitted number of revisions to your papers and also offer you with a chance to request for a prefered writer in case you have one who may have worked for you before. Even when your paper is complex we are always ready to give you the best grade. In case you would like to make any revision, simply login into your account and press the request buton and fill in the revision details and any further request you may want. In case you have dificulty feel free to contact us at any time.

Questions about Billing Transactions

Q. Do You Have Any Additional Paymets Or Hidden Fees After  I Have Placed An Order With Your Company?
A. Unlike other writing services companies, which charge extra fees that are hidden, at orderwriters.com we are totally different. Once you have placed an order you are not charged any other extra fee. Our prices are listed in our website and are dependents on the level of study of your work and the urgency needed.

Q. How Do I Pay For The Service In Case I Do Not Have Credit Card?
A. We have an option for you to use wire transfer if you do not have credit card. For more detail you can contact our customer service representatives.

Q. Supposing My Assignment Is Not Delivered Or Am Completely Unsatisfied With The Work Can I Ask For A Refund?
A. We gaurantee you a chance for your paper to be revised although such situations that you do not like the paper are most unlikely. We strictly follow all the instructions. Once our team of writers start working on your paper we do not refund the money you have paid.  For us to continue in this business we ensure you pay and we give you the best quality service. If we employed a different policy, our customers would be tempted to copy their completed papers and later pretend that the work did not meet their requirements and ask for refund. We guarantee that your written paper will be meeting all your expectations.

Other Common Questions

Q. Do You Offer Discounts In Your Company When I Place An Order?
A. In our company we esteem our customers and we give them  various discounts. For more information you can view our discount page and find out your eligibility on our current discount programs. You can also contact customer support for detailed information.

Q. Is It True That My Professor Can Tell If I Bought A Ready Made Paper Online?
A. True. If you bought a recycled paper from any of the academic writing companies or downloaded from free database your tutor can easily tell. This is because the papers have been in the databases for many years and have been recycled by students severaly. Do not be tempted to buy such papers because they may have already been submitted by many other students and the students may have even been tracked and received a fail in their grades. The tutor uses an anti-plagiarsm software which detects plagiarism within few minutes. It is also easy to trace your paper in the web and find the whole of it. At orderwriters.com we write your papers from the scratch and provide you with original papers. Do not fear to order for a paper with us.

Q. Why Do You Block The Option For Customer To Order Extra Huge Assignments With A Lot Of Pages And Short Deadline?
A. We put first the quality of our services and from experience in writing we are aware that it is practically impossible to have quality research for such papers within a short time. While we can handle and offer solutions for ordinary papers our system cannot process extra  large papers and we advice our customers in that case to place the same order as several orders each for a chapter for example in the case of dissertation papers. For more clarification, you are encouraged to contact the support staff.

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