Research Writing

Research writing is as old as the history of man and the practices of writing started showing significance in the sixth century where they were used in the life and work of people.  Research writing is a process, which is both cognitive and social, and it developed in the 1970s to the present day. Examples of research writing are Journal articles and research reports. Journal articles come about after articles from a researcher in text form are forwarded to a particular journal to publish them with the purpose of having the research writing disseminated. Research reports communicate the study and the findings of the research to the party concerned.


Research writing is a field of inquiry that is complex and unified with frameworks of theory that can operate in various practices due to its richness. Research writing came about because researchers after carrying out their study will want to convince other people on the importance of their work. The researcher has to be careful when carrying out the research writing because, informed readers of the research writing might pass judgments if the content is inadequate making the study worthless. There are several ways of ensuring that the content of the research is well organized in the research writing. Free writing of drafts, writing a formal outline of the content and drawing an issue tree seem to be the most relevant ways to follow in preparing research writing.


There is an intriguing interaction between psychological models and linguistic research in text form which is important to research writing. The other ways of organizing research information is through; drawing of cluster and pie diagrams.

Various sections should feature in the text of any research writing. It should have a title, which is necessary in identifying the subject matter. The next necessary feature in research writing is the keywords, which are words used in the study matter and are stored in a database to facilitate a search. Abstracts follow suit in research writing, and are used to briefly highlight the content of the document as a way of encouraging the reader. A background is necessary in research writing as it gives the reader an understanding of the origin of the study. A literature review and research methods section are featured in research writing where the former includes other works covered and the latter highlights how the inquiry was carried out.


Research writing in the findings section may vary as a researcher may prefer to use narration, description, exposition or persuasion in his or her research writing. This section requires the researcher to give the outcome of the study. References in research writing come next where the researcher is expected to document all his text source of information. The acknowledgements are placed last in research writing and it comprises of a list of people or groups being appreciated for their assistance throughout the study.


Research writing is widely used to a point of it being a discipline and the interdisciplinary of gender and research writing cannot be viewed as surprising though there are other interested disciplines in question. It is seen that indeed research writing has benefited the feminist movement and Modern Language Association (MLA) established a commission on the Status of professional women, this went a long way in making the problems of women visible hence championing the feminist movement.










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