English Professional Writing

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English Professional Writing

The fact that professional writing can help create interest in an audience; even the most skeptical is very inspiring. The first half of the course created a kind of professional atmosphere in us and a kind of visualization in the industries or our choices. Particularly, the lecture notes were point on especially on the emphasis they created on us as future professional writings, and so were the assignments, which I note here, helped most of us in going deep and doing it practically as though we are ourselves in the professional world. The friends were the greatest source of interactions especially during the constant discussions with the help of our lecturer.

Even though the lecturers emphasized a lot on the codes of professional writing in preparation of being out there to practice, there was a need to make it more clearly, on how modern organizational writing is done. The relying on what has been the norm in the industries concerning writing to some extent may not help because times have changed and there is need to practice with what exist in the world. Connected to this, there was need for extension of writing deadlines so that the students could make their own efforts to consult their pals in the industries on what is done. Even though assignments are of utmost importance when it comes to learning English professional writing, the feeling is rife that too regular of this can create a tendency to follow strictly what has been taught previously. However, when these are done in some irregular times, then, there are possibilities that students would put more efforts into researching.

So far, the performance is excellent on my part, and the best part is when I get a feeling that I am already in the corporate world. This is very inspiring to think of what goes on in the corporate world and work effortlessly to prepare to make impacts into this area when my time comes. Even when practicing in groups or in assignments, I always put a perspective of a person in an office doing this all-important work for the organization. However, that past half of the course has not seen me be successful in some categories, especially in the organization such that I can convince. What is of great importance this second half is to put in mind that my work must be interesting and the organization must reflect of somebody ready for the future work in the industries.

The biggest insight or a realization is that it is possible to draw rebels into one side through professional writing. For example, a creative article done in a newspaper or in the employees’ magazine can change the perceptions of skeptical like rebel employees or opinion leaders who do not favor the organization. To this end therefore, I have had this insight that putting an interest in some people is quite gratifying. As well, I usually figure out myself in a technology industries where am writing about technical reports, and knowing that a significant percentage of my publics are not advanced in this area, simplifying and eventually educating or convincing is gratifying.

Professional writing in English has and still is a quite important element in any organization, may it be in law, science, engineering, entertainment, and marketing and retail; none of those can do without professional writing. To this end, and since we have tried to tackle our work along these lines, it has come out quite helpful that we are now prepared to be in any kind of industries. It gives a feeling of recognition in the industries especially knowing that, even though most of the organizations value other disciplines like accounting, human resource, engineering and technology, organizational communication cannot be written off, and any organization doing so is actually writing itself off from the world of competition.


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