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Free essay is a common term among students especially those who search for online assistant concerning their academic essays. The term free essay is however contradicting since it does not indicate to what extent the essays are free. Although the term is contradicting, the message behind the term is well known to the customers most of whom are students. The term is therefore a very important term to most students since their academic survival has often been determined by the availability of the free essay. The essays are however not as free as indicated since the student or the customer need to make payments before they can obtain or download an essay from the website.


The payment or the cost met by the student or the customer does not end with the making of payment since other consequential expense that needs to be met by the customer may arise. The extra expenses might arise from making of wrong orders by the customers or giving the wrong description to the writer. The extra cost incurred by the customer will be the extra cost needed to re-order the paper or the academic penalty they receive due to late submissions. In addition to the delays, the customer can give the wrong information to the writer and this result in the production of an essay that does not meet the student’s specification. The worst case experienced by the customers of the free essay is plagiarized essay. Although most of the service provider apply all measures to ensure that all their writer produce plagiarism free essay some plagiarized essay manage to pass through their check points only to be discovered at the institution level. Plagiarism is considered as the worst academic mistake and therefore those implicated are penalized heavily. The penalty can be in the form of cancellation of examination, expulsion, a fine, or a jail term. These are some of the extra costs incurred by the student due to the use of the free essay and therefore the student should consider how free the essays are.


Due to the extra opportunistic cost that a student can incur from the use of the free essay most students consider writing their own essays, this however does not apply to all students since most lack the capacity to develop a good essay and therefore they fully depend on the free essays for their academic survival. This implies that the essays have some advantages that are of academic importance and therefore the student should make an appropriate choice. The advantages or benefits of essays vary from one student to the other and according to the needs of individual student.


The first advantage of using the free essays is saving time, due to the tight schedule in most tertiary institutions most students lack time to write lengthy and complicated essays. With the availability of the essays, the students can have an alternative or can save some extra time that they can apply to perform other personal and important needs. The second advantage of using the free essay is that most students have experience to write good essays as required by their lecturers. Professional writer who put all the necessary measures to ensure that they provide their customers with well-written essay that meet their requirements write free essays.

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