Research Paper Examples

Research Paper Examples

A research paper is a report summarizing answers to research questions. The purpose of a research paper is to give ample information on the research topic so as to allow the reader to get a clear understanding of the topic under research. If an individual does not know how to write a research paper, it is possible to get research paper examples from the internet. These research paper examples can be downloaded free since they use guidelines given by associations such as the American Psychological Association (APA).

There are many research paper examples that one can use in writing a research paper. The research paper examples are shown using different formats and guidelines of the organizations. For example, one can get research paper examples using the APA format or MLA format.

All research paper examples show how to cite work and how to write the references. Citation means indicating where you got the information from and it is important to avoid being penalized for plagiarism.

In referencing, research paper examples using the APA format recommend the use of the author’s name first, followed by date of publication in parentheses, the title of the cited work, city or town of publication and then name of the publisher last. This is called reference citation in the APA formant and parenthetical citation in MLA format.

Research paper examples will clearly guide the writer on how to present work in a manner that is acceptable to a specific format. According to many research paper examples, a research paper must have three main sections namely: the title page, the report and the bibliography or reference. Research paper examples emphasize that any source of information must be clearly and accurately documented. When a writer uses direct quotation from a source, quotation marks must be used.

Other research paper examples will show additional requirements such as page numbers, table of contents, an abstract and how to structure the report. The sub sections of the report which is also referred to as the body of the research paper are explained in details in some research paper examples. The sub sections of the body of the research paper are: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. According to research paper examples, the introduction captures the general over view of what is to be discussed: the body expounds on the points mentioned in the introduction and the conclusion summarizes the main points and gives recommendations if any.

Research paper examples give tips on how to write a paper, they recommend one to be familiar with the topic through reading, noting down the points and more literature review to be clear on the points to be written. The writer then is to make an outline of the important points to be included in the research paper. Many research paper examples also recommend on the use of note cards to organize reference materials. With a little more planning, a research paper need not be difficult to write.

Research paper examples not only show how to structure and plan for writing a research paper, they also give examples of types of research papers. For example, there are research papers that require analysis or critical assessment. Such research papers require more than giving information. There is in-depth analysis of the topic.


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