Gilbert Kohl model of social class

Describe in detail Dennis Gilbert's view of social stratification (refer to the Gilbert Kohl model of social class)
Social stratification means that there is inequality in the society and differences exist between people who are high and low. Those who fall under the same position think in a similar way, same lifestyle and create a pattern of social class. It is difficult to understand the behavior of people without knowing the social stratification because; the class where they are determines their clothes, what they watch in the television, names of the pets and how the homes are painted. The level, which people are, affects the number of years they live, happiness as well as health. Social class describes how people group themselves according to prestige and the influence they have in the society. The status in the society can be inherited if someone is born in a family of wealthy individuals.

According to Dennis Gilbert, some households earn more income than others can if they increase number of those who are capable of earning income. The size of household is very important because if they combine their income, it becomes higher. The focus of Gilbert Kohl is income where people are classified according to the economic system. When a person gets quality education, the occupation is better and the level of class rises.
Gilbert Kohl model of social class uses the system of economy in development of structure of classes. Capitalist class consists of people who relate with people whom they belong to the same class and avoid the inferior class. The upper middle class is made up of professionals as well as managers who have formal education and they succeed from the type of jobs that they do. The middle class are semi professionals who receive training after college education. Working class are operators of machines who are semi skilled and includes sales people as well as clerks. The classes of working poor are unskilled laborers and their payment is very low, they do not have savings and depend on pensions after retirement. The underclass suffers from unemployment, they lack self-esteem and their level of education is very low.
Comparison Between The Conclusions And Models Of Social Class Structure Presented By W. Lloyd Warner Study Of Yankee City, And Richard Coleman And Lee Rainwater's Study Of Class Structure In Metropolis

America has a hierarchy of prestige where the citizens are ranked or divided into classes. Those people in the upper class are conspicuous compared to the lower class and the people in the same class relate together. Those who are in the lower and middle class believe that their differences exist due to financial situations. The upper class is more prestigious and distinguished based on their lifestyle.
The distinctions between class of people result from economic differences. Some people in the society are ranked as being socially inferior or socially superior because of income, the level of wealth, interaction patterns as well as occupation. Those who belong to the same class interact together where they have similar values. Parents assign status to their children due to the income that flow to the ancestors. The upper class has enough wealth, own big houses but the family had to have the wealth for one generation or more. Middle class are successful moderately and consist of businesspersons with morals like that of fundamentalism. Lower class is the people who do not have any trouble, are laboring and rely on public relief.
Define Prestige as a Social Construct, and Then Develop Prestige As a Function of One's Occupation

Prestige is an element that is constructed in a social manner and money is involved a lot. The level of prestige depends on the amount of money that people believe a person makes. The other element is the power that a certain job is associated with and how other people believe that a given job is prestigious. People perceive prestige differently depending on the expectations that they have and their social acceptance. The occupation becomes prestigious depending on amount of salary, qualifications required, contribution the job makes to the society and how respectable the job is by the society.
Prestige as a function of ones occupation shows that lawyers and physicians are prestigious compared to bartender. The social class depends on the prestige of an individual where higher prestige in an occupation leads to higher social class. The Chief justice is wealthy and enjoys prestige due to the power he or she exercises. However, some directors may have low prestige but their income is higher.

How Did Industrialization In America Literally Transform The National Class Structure? (Address This Historically and Nationally As Well As a Detailed Examination of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Class Structures
During the twentieth century, the former slaves in America made the state to support education for citizens in United States especially the south. The planters who were whites and industrialists from the north formed a coalition to have cheap labor. The black people in America thought that their education would help them to obtain permanent citizenship, participate in politics as well as succeed economically. Washington was a representative of white elite and black people who belonged to middle class brought the idea of education for African-Americans.

Industrialization in America transformed the society to be populated due to improved technology and development of corporations. The three class structures were established where upper class consisted of monopolies as well as businesspersons who exploited employees because of the corruption in the government. Those in the middle class influenced the corporations to concentrate on the benefit that would be received from the owners of small businesses. The lower class struggled due to harsh treatment and poor working conditions but they led to the change in the government as well as monopolies. Even if industrialization was influenced by the upper class since they had a lot of freedom, the lower and middle classes influenced through ensuring that they survive and could not follow the corporations who had their rules.

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