Academic essays

Professors and instructors in schools, colleges and universities utilize academic essays to evaluate student’s understanding; mastery and intellectual capacity of the material taught for a particular course. Academic essays mean writing on a specific topic for academic reasons like in schools, colleges and universities. Academic essays are not only used for evaluation of a student’s competence but are also used for selection during school admissions. The academic essay is generally written in response to a question. The writer is expected to present a point of view that is informed by research. One should aim in developing a support argument for the topic that is proposed.

Academic essays can be descriptive-giving a clear description of a particular subject or exposit; explaining an idea or theory and can be argumentative by reasoning around a topic and use of evidence to clarify and support the ideas. Different disciplines within the university may require different styles and approaches to essay writing. One should make sure that he or she ascertains what approach is required by the faculty/school. One can do this by reading all associated faculty information/guides or by discussing this with the lecturer or instructor.


Students are supposed to write  academic essays to answer questions, talk about certain topics, present arguments, and compare and contrast matters related to the subject they are studying. Students may be asked to complete several academic essays within a given duration set by the academic institution, this calls for good preparation and much research to produce a good academic essay.

Academic essay writing involves a combination of several skills that students need to develop while in school namely research, analysis and writing. Most academic essays are written using an official tone, they are more accurate and are often of a longer length compared to ordinary essays.


An academic essay can be described as one that shows exactly how demanding writing a single piece can be – it takes time, critical mind and effort to produce a well-written, a thoroughly researched academic essay. The completion of such an academic essay is very important; every essay writer need to consistently produce essays of high quality. An academic essay mostly tests the knowledge, understanding and the information gathered on this subject.

Every writer who writes academic essay should have a great mind and is able to convince the readers of his ability around the specific task. An academic essay should have a specific structure although the content may vary depending on the subject and the institution. These are the main parts of academic essays:

Introduction- this introduces the content and sets the background of an argument in relation to the subject. It also introduces the theoretical perspectives the writer intends to use throughout the essay and their organization.

Body – that gives the support of the topic and brings the concept of the writers view on the specific topic. The writer of the academic essay should be able to convince the readers to come into agreement with him or her.

Conclusion- this gives a summary of the academic essay concerning the topic that has been discussed and showing how the purpose of the study has been accomplished. When giving the conclusion the writer should always be careful not to get away from the topic that had been discussed in the study.




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