Admission College Essay

Admission college essay is an essay written by a student seeking admission to a college or university. College admission essay is a one of the requirements given by most learning institutions for any individual seeking to join the institution as a student. College admission essay is taken as a personal statement of the writer. Colleges ask for admission essay to know the person better. A person applying for college, university or graduate school admission is expected to be able to give a comprehensive personal statement through admission college essay.

What colleges expect to see in an admission college essay is the career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses in the academic field, and personal characteristics as explained by the applicant. The colleges use this information in the admission college essay as well as the information on qualifications and grades as the basis for admission. This information also helps the college to tailor their future programs to meet career aspirations of their students and to improve on the courses.


In writing an admission college essay, applicants therefore need to give a clear image of who they are. The idea behind the admission college essay is to capture reader’s attention. This can be achieved through outlining major accomplishments and experiences. So as not to go beyond appropriate disclosure, the applicant writing admission college essay must reflect on the  reasons for wanting to join a particular college and course . The applicant can use prompts from the college on requirements for admission college essay. Information required by many colleges of admission college essay is scores, grade and extracurricular activities.

The admission college essay distinguishes the applicant from other people because experiences are different, though the grades could be similar. That is why in writing the admission college essay, the applicant need to take time to brainstorm on the subject matter and on major accomplishments both formal and informal.


Apart from outlining major achievements, the applicant can enrich the admission college essay by explaining personality traits, including failures and strongest personality traits. Personality traits can be determined by a look at the favorite books and movies, attitudes and the favorite extra curriculum activities.

Admission college essay should clearly outline future career dreams of the applicant. The applicant will be required to do more research on the chosen career and seek guidance from parents and teachers. This will help to match the personality with the career aspirations. The applicant can also gain insight, by reading sample papers for admission college essay.


Successful admission college essay presents something of personal importance, future goals focus and personal qualities. All these attributes will need to fit with other parts of the essay.  The admission college essay also needs to address the issue of diversity and how they are handled. The applicant honesty, passion and personal character are very important in admission college essay and these needs to be shown in the essay. The tone of the essay should be one of humility not pride, even as the applicant outlines personal achievements.

In writing admission college essay, punctuation, spelling and grammatical rules are followed. The words used should be easy to understand. Humor can be used appropriately to capture the attention of the reader. The writer should combine content and humor in a formal manner.

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