Apple Corporation: iPhone

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Apple Corporation: iPhone


Apple Inc. is the company that has been known to be a good performer in the economy of the United States. Apple is an American Multinational corporation, and is known to design and manufacture a number of electronics appliances and computers, and computer software, among other products. The iPhone is a very elegant phone, which has support for Multimedia and Internet. It is a purely smart-phone that is designed, produced and marketed by the Apple Incorporation. One thing with this iPhone is that it can functions very well as a camera-enabled phone, and has other integrated features such as messaging, both Short Messages and Multimedia, as well as visual-enabled voicemail. In the phone is also a portable player, which is the size of a standard video iPod. The phone can also be used competently especially for internet services such as browsing, emailing and wireless internet connections (Graves, 2009). Another feature in this phone is that it has a touch screen that renders to a virtually impressive keyboard on the screen. That being the case, the iPhone is a classic phone that would be appropriate for all and especially for business people. Through its line of production, the first phone generation of this phone was a quad-like-band GSM and had an EDGE in it. This generation was then followed by the second generation, which was known as the 3G and has 3.6 Mbps. There have been a number of developments of such phone until the current iPhone.

Mission Statement Analysis and Orientation

The Mission of the Apple Inc is: to bring the best computers and software  to all people including educators, students, general customers and professionals in the computer world, and by so doing bringing the best deal in computing experience. Looking at this Mission, we will agree that it targets all people including the customers, professionals and students. There is also the provision for competent services and software that would make it possible for all the people to transact their operations and businesses. In that case, the Mission ensures the organization is keen in the accomplishment of the Mission (Graves, 2009). The orientation is that the Mission will be appropriate in ensuring that the people get the very best products from the company. The orientation here is mainly aimed towards the customers and the entire market, and this market is exactly what matters most to the corporation. In that case, the corporation has been able to achieve better marketing strategies for iPhone and all other products of the organization.


Corporate Objectives and Strategies

The Apple Corporation has been applying quite a number of Corporate Objectives that will see the company scaling the heights of its business operations. The main objective is that the corporation makes advances and developments of technology that will appeal all the people and possible consumers of the company’s products ranging from the iPhone, iPods and computers. Although most of the products seem to be attracting the young generation, it would be argued that it is the older generation who should feel attracted to this new technology, embrace it and benefit from it in all the operations of their businesses or organizations (Tanenbaum, 2006). Such objectives are hence put in place in ensuring the best products reach all possible customers of the products.

Apple Inc. has very well laid Strategies that are integrated and designed for the entire corporate operations. Some of the key strategies involves the creation of own OS, Operating Systems, Hardware facilities, Software, and the sale of these products by the use of small retail stores (Tanenbaum, 2006). The organization also leverages such a vertical kind of integration that ensures that all the dollars that are transacted for the company later end up in the Organization’s balance sheets. In order to retain such a competitive market operations, Apple applies very competitive skills through the production of Consumer Electronics and PCs, Personal Computers, which are released to the customers. The Apple Inc. also stated philosophy that was aimed in increasing investments for research-work and the development of major products that can compete in the international markets. The other Corporate Objective used is in the marketing sector whereby there is a lot of advertising that helps in extending the market orientation and positioning (Tanenbaum, 2006). For instance, in 2005, June, Apple made an announcement of its plan that was aimed in production of Intel microprocessors for the Macintosh computers (Tanenbaum, 2006). Since then the corporation has been introducing new products that can run on genuine microprocessors (Graves, 2009).


Social Responsibility: Strength and Weakness

At Apple, the act of monitoring and keeping watch of compliance in social responsibilities has forever been an ongoing process in all the operations of the organization. In order to achieve this act of social responsibility at Apple, there have been measures that include auditing to ensure that all things are done the right way and in the right manner (Tanenbaum, 2006). This has been applied together with the encouragement for high integrity in the workplace and marketing so that only the positive aspects of the business operations are realized. The need for such auditing and monitoring procedures is that they give a sense of corrective actions that ensure maximum conformance and performance.

What happens is that audits are done even on the suppliers and marketers working on behalf of the organization so that social connections and public relations are maintained on the positive side. This ensures that integrity is maintained in the entire business operations. In addition, the corporation incorporates updates of social responsibilities through reviewing the business performances (Graves, 2009). The other thing is that the organization has been expanding its monitoring programs to projects’ assemblers up to the supply outlets and even deeper into the supply process so that maximum business ethics and integrity are maintained.

In that case, it has been expected that all the suppliers will be able to adhere the main principles documented in the SCC, Supplier Code of Conduct. Upon differences occurrence, the corporation sits down in an effort to come up with corrective actions and prevent such an occurrence later in the business operations (Tanenbaum, 2006). In the event that any supplier’s efforts fail to meet the requirements, his contract and operation is terminated immediately. That being the case, Apple Inc. has been committed in the practice of the highest degree of social responsibility, and this is in all the operations done in the company. That way, the organization is dedicated in ensuring all work and condition are maintained safe and fit for human beings. This also ensures that the environment is highly protected, and making the right environment for the production, distribution and marketing of Apple products. The company has hence been capable to deal with all the mentioned issues and hence a strength inn itself. The weaknesses are that, it may not be possible to monitor all dealers in the entire marketing process and hence plans are underway to ensure integrity in the entire marketing processes. This also consumes a lot of funds and the reason some major weaknesses are still being faced, and especially during this time when the world is struggling with economic recession.


Environmental Audit Opportunities and Treat


These audit programmes are done to ensure that the people working in the company have their rights and opportunities addressed and given treats whenever it is necessary. This strategy ensure proper working environment and at the same time improving the morale of the workers. In that case, any problems that may be facing the workers and any other person affiliated to the company’s operations are dealt with effectively (Graves, 2009). For instance, we have Labor Standards, which have always been audited and exercised in the corporation. Such audits try to ensure that there is no execution of child labor in the corporation. In that case, any child reported in the company sees the one responsible highly reproached and questioned. 

Audits are also done frequently in order to ensure that cases of any form of discrimination are not reported in the organization. Most of common global discriminations have been based mainly on race, gender, color, ethnicity, inability, sexual orientation, religion, politics or membership to a given union. Over the years, there used to be reports of discrimination and hence the ones responsible had to be punished accordingly (Tanenbaum, 2006). The other important environmental issue addressed here is the freedom of Association (Robert, 2006). Such audits are regularly done to see if there are any cases of suppliers having restricted anyone into any kind of freedom (Robert, 2006).

We also have audits that are done to see how the employees are treated here. Such audits evaluate how each work is treated in the corporation. Such audits are undertaken in order to ensure that the rights of the workers are safeguarded and necessary treats are given to them. In that case, it is realized that the workers become happy and willing to contribute to the realization of the company’s mission and goals (Robert, 2006). Most of the treats given to workers here include free internet services, good amenities for dining and working, as well as educational programmes that are free opportunities for all who are willing. There is also the provision of clean and quality food and recreational facilities, such as TV rooms and provision of movies, talent shows and free transport after working hours (Graves, 2009).


Competition Analysis and Target Market


It will have to be agreed that a company like the Apple Inc. will definitely face a large competition from different organizations around the world. There have been competing companies that have been producing similar products just as this corporation. For instance, some of the key competitors for the iPhone have been the IBM and Microsoft who produce similar products of software-enabled materials that can access the internet. Such competition has been on the rise as different people continue to develop technological abilities in computers (Graves, 2009). That is still the case, the corporation has been very keen in ensuring that it emerges on top, and this has been achieved through the production of iPhones that can comfortably compete in the global market on themselves. This is so because they have been fitted with the newest technology and hence can comfortably access internet and at the same time giving the user effectiveness in most of his business operations.

Such competition has hence been felt in all parts of the world. Other companies that have been providing extensive competition for the computer products include Dell, Hewlett Packard and CISCO. These companies also produce software that is similar to the ones produced by this corporation hence bringing about extensive issues of competition. In that case, the corporation has been applying extensive marketing strategies, and the very important thing is to ensure that the products they product are competitive on themselves from the market arena.


There has been a definition for all target markets so that the best performance is achieved in the company. The target markets here ranges from professionals, students, and businesspersons and hence the procedures and strategies put in place ensure that all the relevant markets are exploited. It has also been the mission of the company to extend its market by advertising widely throughout the globe, and by opening new retail outlets in almost all countries around the world. The company has also been monitoring prices of other companies so that the company plays a healthy business and market competition so that it can survive the market pressure. It will hence be agreed that the production of the unrivaled iPhone has seen the corporation being top on the market since the product is very outstanding and a good deal to the consumer on itself (Graves, 2009).


Indirect and Direct Competition Levels

We have been having both direct as well as indirect competition for the iPhone and its marketing by the Apple Corporation. In terms of indirect competition, some other companies mentioned above have been providing and coming up with other software and products that have similar uses as the iPhone. For example, the production of iPods has given people some of the features found in this phone and in that case, those people not able to afford such a phone may end up buying such iPods and get similar services that would have been obtained from the iPhone. Also, the production of varied phones for companies such as Nokia, Samsung and Motorola have provided the world with phones that can access the internet properly hence giving a sort of an indirect competition to the iPhone (Comer, 2009).

What about direct competition? As the term itself suggests, there have been the production of some phones from the Chinese and Japanese companies which are pretty cheap but of a lesser quality. This hence makes some people able to buy such phones that mimic the iPhone, and in that case giving direct competition to the marketing of this phone. In that case, such phones have become an alternative for this phone and in that case bringing immense competition for this phone. By so doing, the company has been trying to lower its pricing value for the phone but this has not helped because many people are being drawn closer and closer to the clones that tend to be cheap while at the same time providing all the features. This has been the key source for direct competition and market disorientation (Robert, 2006). There is also another source of direct competition whereby most of the corporation’s products have over the years been produced by a number of different companies. These range from computers, software, hardware and even operating systems for running computers. Some of these companies include Dell and HP


Target Market

The Apple Corporation has been participating much in a number of very competitive environments and markets. The products traded in include computers especially the Macintosh computers, consumer phones, other electronics, and the iPod. Other items dealt with include digital players, and iPhones. The iPhone has been a key item for this company because of its ability to accommodate very many features that make businesspersons and other users perform their operations in the right way. In that case, the Apple Company has been targeting to expand its markets and by so doing be able to distribute the iPhone to all parts of the world and especailly in America, Europe and Japan.

In America, the corporation has been targeting to increase sales for the next coming years. The management speculates that such market development can be achieved if quality iPhones are produced that are attractive to the users and provide uncompromised services (Graves, 2009). This can also be achieved through extensive advertising of the products that the company produces and how they can be beneficial to any give user. In addition, there have been plans to launch maximum advertisement through the internet. In that case, very many people will access the internet and understand some of the features enabled in the products and hence this will be a nice strategy of ensuring that all people around the globe become a sure target market. Once all people understand the importance and efficiency of these products, it would be possible that the corporation will see an increase in its sales.

Today, the company has been doing such research to see which category of people will be willing to buy the iPhone and see how they can draw the target market. It has hence been found out that there are gender and cultural demographics that would influence the patterns through which people will be willing to purchase this phone. In that case, it has been noted that most of the likable customers will be young but successful men around many parts of the globe. The latest reports have indicated that the iPhone will have its customer ranging between 30 and 35 years of age (Comer, 2009). Therefore, the corporation has been targeting this population, everywhere in the globe to be the target market for the iPhone. Alternatively, it is very clear that the company still believes that everyone can be a customer and the reason the market target is still very wide. However, it would be necessary to have advertising mechanisms to increase the customers and the people who will buy the iPhone (Robert, 2006).

Demographic and Psychographic

In terms of demographic, we see that there is a given group of age that is targeted by the iPhone. This is so because the growing students and those people at early years of their adulthood have been the major customers for such products. These are hence the same people who need to learn new techniques and technologies and hence the reason they remain the key buyers. But that being the case, we can also see that most of this organization’s products have also been utilized by all ages due to their advantageous nature and capability of making operations easier for businessmen around the world (Graves, 2009).

Such products have hence been useful in facilitating learning to the up-growing children and students through the provision of the most appropriate and adequate mean that is effective for study. We hence have varied products of the Apple Inc. that different in such products. In that case, every age set will get a specific advantage from the iPhone. For instance, a businessperson will find the internet useful for all his business operations. In addition, a high school student will use the internet for school purposes, a small child will listen to music or watch movies and videos from the same phone, and that is how such products achieve this Demographic and Psychographic aspect all in one.

Consumer Behaviors

It is quite inarguable that the idea behind the iPhone will definitely affect the consumer behaviour in a number of ways, all the way from purchasing, possession and usage of the phone (McDaniel, 2009). Upon the realization of the features presented by the iPhone, consumer behaviours have changed for this phone and in that case, many people have been here and there busy to experience the niceness of this phone. It has appeared that the consumer will have the final verdict about the product and in that case, it has been a noble idea for the company to monitor such consumer behaviours as a way of improving the marketing of the products. It has hence been argued that the study of consumer behaviours and attitudes towards a given product or service can be a very important tool in improving marketing strategies since all operations and goals will have to be based on such an experience.

Technology: Government and the Economy

In terms of technology, it will be agreed that the company has been a key contributor to the economy. This has been so through the payments done on taxed materials hence boosting the Government earnings. Also, the country and also the entire globe has been changed by the use of key designs and objects of current technology such as the iPhone which has seen many businessmen making faster transactions everywhere they are from just a phone. Because of this improvement in business operations, it has been noted that there have been positive impacts towards the economy growth and sustainability. Generally, the products of the Apple Company are the most reputable and used in most of business operations pioneered by the government. This has been so because of the production of quality products that meet most of the consumers’ needs and requirements (McDaniel, 2009). We can hence comfortably say that the corporation has been a major contributor to the economy development. This has been due to the provision of new gadgets that provide instant internet to the consumer hence making operations easy.

Marketing Objectives

The Apple Corporation has a number of marketing objectives that ensure that the organization manages its marketing operations smoothly and in an intelligent manner. This is not only applied for the iPhone but for all other products and software produced by the organization. Some of the major objectives include the need to see that all available markets are provided and supplied with the necessary materials from the organization. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the right groups of people have the right products delivered to them. The other objective is to ensure that all the people, be it educators, students or professional in the computing world have the best products that will not let them down. With the iPhone, the marketing objective has been to supply the right population who would be more willing to purchase the product than any other people would. It has also been an objective of marketing in ensuring that only what is best reaches the customer without comprise. In that case, it would be possible for the organization to excel in its business. This is hence achieved through the incorporation of censor systems whereby all products meet the market requirements and are competent for their operations.

Marketing Strategies: Product Market Grid

One key thing with the iPhone is that it targets all the consumers in need of storing their information and communicates with other people. It is also fitted with features that support entertainment and in that case increasing the people who will need such a phone. In that case, it will be agreed that the Apples Inc has been able to produce this phone with the idea of targeting all people ranging from professionals, businesspersons, students, entrepreneurs, and even health workers. Presently, the iPhone market has been on the rise because of such features. Unfortunately, it is happening that less and less people are needing the internet, the videos or PDA features, all in one single device, and this may be attributed to its high pricing. But it has been projected that the phone will be better required in later days.

In terms of market grid, we can see a dynamic pattern through which the iPhone has been penetrating different markets as well as different populations. This can be attributed to the provision of many features all in one gadget. There have been measures to improve market development through the application of extensive advertisements of this highly designed device. The product has also been developed in a way such that it provides many features to the customer and in that case, it can easily penetrate different populations and age groups. This therefore creates the product’s diversification (McDaniel, 2009).

Marketing Mix: product price place promotion

Marketing mix generally tends to incorporate all the applied concepts to sell a given product. Such a mix is very fundamental if a commodity or product has to sell properly and achieve all the best profits. This will involve the use of product quality, the price, the place, and even promotional aspects. This seeks to monitor and influence the demand of the product to the people. With the iPhone, the product has been provided with all the necessary features that will make it capable to scale all the markets due to high demand. In terms of price, the iPhone is given at a standard value that will not compromise the product or make it lesser affordable to the people. One problem with having lower prices is that people will have to doubt on the quality and services provided by the commodity. Another thing is the promotion and advertising concepts that promote the sale of the iPhone. What the company has done is that it has made a website whereby people can have a taste of the phone and see the make they can buy. This has seen the company improving its sale of the iPhone. There are also some promotions done through the media houses to promote the product and ensuring that many people are aware of its good features.

Summary Position

The iPhone is what everyone need if he or she will need to experience what a smart phone is. This is so because it comes with very many features such as the internet, multimedia, multi-messaging and video enabled. The phone can also access wireless internet and the reason many people would prefer it if they want their business operations to run smoothly. In that case, it will be agreed that this product of the Apple Corporation is completely unrivaled and it is exactly what the current world needs for development and improvement of the economy. In that case, the Apple Corporation should come up with other strategies for the promotion and sale of all its products and be able to realise all its marketing objectives and Mission


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