philosophy paper

Philosophy Paper

A philosophy paper is a paper documented by a student of philosophy with an aim of presenting the thoughts about an issue he/she read from a text and make arguments or give views pertaining on the issues. To ensure the philosophy paper is of quality, you must ensure that you read and re-read the text, give thought to the author claims, assesses the argument offered by the claims, evaluates the arguments you intends to make in the paper, and ensure that he/she constructs the paper to facilitate expression of thoughts. You should focus on writing a paper that clearly states the thesis and has a clear defined structure. Philosophy papers should also have interesting arguments that gives accurate interpretation of the text in reference. In addition, you should ensure that the paper has appropriate and adequate support with quotations that are fully explained and supported with clear arguments. Finally, you should ensure that a philosophy paper does not contain any grammatical errors.

A good philosophy paper should have the following characteristics.  The paper should have clarity: You should simply say what you have in a straightforward manner. Critical questioning or in-depth analysis: A good philosophy paper should critically analyze the issues, question and give presentation of different approaches to the issue as well and giving their comparison.

Considerable arguments: In writing a philosophy paper, you should ensure that arguments in the paper give a critical opinion on the issue addressed in the paper. You should argue and defend you arguments to exhibit your reasons on what you hold.

Logical organization: You should ensure that everything documented in the philosophy paper has its justification. You should thus focus on writing only what you have arguments in support to avoid complications. You should also ensure that the paragraphs follow each other in a logical manner to give the philosophy paper a logical organization. The structure of the paper should be precise in demonstrating arguments and the expectation of the readers.

Originality: You should ensure that you write on the issue because you critically thought about it but not because you read about it. You should ensure that the content of the philosophy paper does not only give a summary of other people’s arguments but the content comprises mostly of your own arguments. You should thus be in a position to defend the arguments, as they are your own views.

To start writing a philosophy paper, you should first focus on the topic and have a clear understanding of what is required from you. You should differentiate whether the topic requires you to write the philosophy paper on explanation of the thesis or address a philosophical problem. After a clear understanding of the topic and required paper, you should now focus on writing the paper. In writing, you should ensure that you do not dwell too much on the background, you make clear claims and give their support with arguments and reasons, ensure clear arguments structure, be concise although with full explanation of yourself and use simple prose. In addition, you should ensure philosophical words and terms are used in the right way and in the correct places.

On the structure of the philosophy paper, you should start by writing an outline that will act as a guideline to you paper structure. The structure should be obvious to the reader and should have a logical flow of the content of the paper. While writing a philosophy paper, you should ensure that you make several drafts that help in practice to ensure you produce a quality paper. The quotations should be marked in quotes and footnoted. Similarly, any paraphrased work or borrowed idea should have an acknowledgement by use of a footnote. You should give the author, title, publisher, date and page/line of the source.

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