A trip of my dream: Mexican Fantasy

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A trip of my dream: Mexican Fantasy

It is not possible to hide the dream or the yearning and this has been to make a trip to Mexico. This is because it is regarded as the place where modern actors are made. There has been a strong passion of acting, and even though this is not the area of specialization, it is possible to make a turn to real acting. Mexico is a place to fancy, and the degree on this matter on one’s area of likeness. As a person who views acting as a way of passing a theme or a strong message, my being has directed itself to acting as a long term devotion. In each of the television stations, you may not lack a series that is ongoing, and this has made me have a passion and until I get to land in acting and feature in one of those series, then, my soul may not rest.

That is why the trip to Mexican land to see how some of these actors have evolved themselves is something to be remembered. All the dates, the experiences and the knowledge acquisition have been put as historic and something to be narrated to the next line of generation, which may like to have an experience of acting. To be thanked for is university groups that has a sole purpose of exposing its members to their dreams and make them realize them. The dream inside is that of meeting some of these actors from Mexico and let them tell me how they came to land on the screens, and let them offer me some of their tips to becoming world famous actors. Before going, the trip was seemingly promising, and true to the word, the experiences that were acquired are some of those few things that are to be remembered. This does not mean that there were no other experiences before as there was a meeting with the Nollywood stars from Nigeria, the Hollywood stars of the calibers of Will Smith and some of the Bollywood known to act well on screens.

However, I can tell that none of these experiences can be said to offer fantasies as the one with the Mexican stars as well as some of the producers of these famous series such as Soy Tu Dueno and in the Name of Love. It is to be confirmed that what is seen on the screens is very different from what the actors are, and most often, people may tend to view the persons, as they are seen on screen as their true character. On the contrary, these actors can turn themselves into anything sometimes good sometimes bad. For example, people may tend to associate the villains in most of these plays as bad on the general, but on the contrary, these persons may be very humble. As they reviewed, it all depends on how the producers and the directors make the screenplays and then, they turn themselves as they are directed. On association, most of the TV actors from Mexico could be said as extremely humble, and this makes the general term that they are good. However, as was experienced, Mexico is just like any other country with rogues existing amongst the people.

Surely, what was gotten was a picture that is partially imagined and partially not imagined, but on the general term, the lesson was that one can be anything on the screen and it does not matter what people may associate you. For example, if one was to act as a villain, the kind of association one may get is that of a murderer but as one of the villain actor in the TV series. In the name of love reviewed to me, passion for a particular role may not direct the director to giving one such kind of a role. He or she may give anyone any particular role and if one can turn himself or herself to anything, then, anyone is fit for any kind of role. Lesson well gotten that it is possible to be anything, and as a person who is directed to be on the screens as an actor, there is a possibility of getting multiple characteristics.

Even in the present day, the experience is still fresh, what was gotten is something memorable, and as one of the tutors told us, it is possible to be anything as far as one molds oneself towards that. This is the direction to take even after school, and it would not matter what is being studied now, as this is not the ultimate end. It is possible to change drastically to what one wants because ultimately, what would count is not what you underwent but on what at the end one becomes. The goal is to be an actor, and what is being undertaken today may not hold the future, but the future as can be seen is what was gotten from the trip. It was a trip of one week, and the expenses that were incurred were worth it. What is more promising is that one of the actors reviewed that she may be on her way to this land, and the notion here is that the experience is to be cemented. She actually promised to offer the insights and give more relevance tips on how one can turn himself or herself to what one desires, and in this case to be an actor who is really accomplished.

Mexico, the land of famous actors and the land where there exists the promise to what is being yearned in dreams. The first dream was to make a trip to this promising land, but this only elicited more yearning to become what they are. In addition, true, one is not capable of stopping until what is yearned in dreams is achieved. To make a trip to the land was just the start, and since the view was to make it as a bridge to the next thing, it is possible to make it so. The way is clear, and with the will towing with the yearning, this combination may just prove that it is possible to be what one desires. The end is not near, but if hastened, it is possible to be there in just a matter of little time.


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