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A study was carried out to find out the performance of Griffith university hotel. A general study was carried out on the kind of facilities that were provided by the hotel and how well they served their clients. Griffith university hotel is an international hotel that mainly serves as an accommodation to the visiting guests and the local visitors who need a quit environment free from their home environment. The hotel has other conference facilities that are able to host a considerable number of people for the meeting (Hitchner 2006). Considering the kind of services that are provided by the hotel, the study looked at how effective the facilities are and if they are meeting the required standards.

A small group of people that went to the hotel as clients to see what the hotel had to offer (Render 2006) did the research. The group was to find out from the management the services that they are capable of having, their quotations and how effective they are. The group stayed in the hotel for about three days of which they had to explore the hotel in details as well as interrogate some of their clients. The clients that were in the hotel were asked why they choose the hotel and if they are enjoying the facilities that are being offered. The group also looked for people that have used the hotel for other functions to find out how they enjoyed the facilities. This group of people also interrogated the workers of the hotel with the aim of finding out how many clients they receive on a monthly basis and if they have established some permanent ones.

From the research findings, we found that the hotel offers a variety of services of which it may adjust according to the needs of the clients. The clients interrogated said that the facilities were good despite the exuberant charges. The workers also told us that they had a good number of international clients that had established their hotel as their home every year. They book their reservations in advance so that they do not miss their places (Madura 2006). The research questions that were used include; the prices charged for different services and facilities, the number of clients received monthly and yearly, whether the quotations were worth the services, the availability of loyal clients and why the clients choose the hotel for their various functions.

Research Method

The data was collected and analyzed to find out the general performance of the hotel on whether the facilities were up to the required standards. The research method that was mainly preferred for the study was IPA (Interpretative phenomenological analysis). This was because we were able to find reliable people who were clients in the hotel and the others that have enjoyed the facilities. It was easy to collect the data as the interviewees were approached as they relaxed in the recreational facilities of the hotel. It was all done on an oral basis so that the clients do not feel as if they are being put into a certain kind of pressure to answer the questions. Some of the studies were done by observing the way the clients were using the facilities and how they enjoyed them (Swensen 2009). We also sought to find out some of the most used facilities, which were a direct reflection of how best they functioned. We contacted some of the groups that had held their meetings in the hotel through phone to find out if they enjoyed the facilities and whether they would desire to contact the hotel incase they had another meeting.

Mean and standard deviation table




Standard deviation


2, 1, 3, 5, 2, 2, 3, 4, 1,




2, 5, 3, 2, 3, 1, 2, 4, 3





The five most important features in the hotel include; free daily newspaper, tennis court, tour-booking service, express check out and the gymnasium. The five least important facilities include; in room pay movies, minibar, express check out, family restaurant and wireless broadband. The five highest performance features include free daily newspaper, in room cable television, swimming pool and tour booking service. The five least performing facilities include; room service, tennis courts, in room pay movies, express check in and mini bar.


From the different interrogations, interviews and observations we found out varying results. As much as the international tourist enjoyed the facilities and seemed comfortable with most of the services provided, local tourists complained of the high charges of the hotel (Chiulli 1999). They claimed that they were being charged for some facilities that they did not use of which they viewed as unfair. From the different sections of the graph, we realize that even though most of the facilities were satisfactory, they were not very relevant to the visitors that visited them. Recreational facilities were only relevant to international tourists who visited the hotel once each year. Even though those that engaged in business activities frequently visited the hotel, they did not maximize the facilities that were available for them.

There is a general under use of the different facilities in the hotel; this therefore makes the hotel to spend a large amount of money to maintain them. Most of the local tourists that visited the hotel spent a short time of around two to five days; they were therefore overwhelmed with the different facilities available in the hotel (Render 2006). The period that they spent in the hotel was not adequate for them to maximize the facilities, which they were obliged to pay for. It is for this reason that most of them that we interrogated said that they might opt for other available options next time they want to spend their time out. They admitted that if they found another hotel that gave them fair deals they would not come back to the hotel again. This generally shows that the local visitors were not satisfied with the hotel not because of the facilities provided but simply because they found most of them irrelevant.


From the analysis above we discover that despite the many facilities that are available in the hotel, not all of them are adequately used. The hotel could have seen them to be important due to the variety of visitors that they received. The facilities may end up being used by the hotel at least once in a year but the level of their use may not be much. The hotel could therefore be using a lot of money in terms of maintaining the facilities. The expenses that are being used for the maintenance of such unutilized facilities could be the ones that make the hotel to be expensive. International tourists and business people seem to appreciate the price and the facilities since they are the ones that use them much. Most of the international business people that visit the hotel for carrying out their business interactions may be there on sponsorship and thus not feeling the burden of the expenses (Hitchner 2006). For the local residents, most of them visited the hotel to have a family day out during the holidays; they felt the burdens of the cost of which they said were because of the services. They said most of the facilities that they were provided with were not very relevant to them making them even more concerned about the costs.

It was therefore identified that the hotel was only relevant to foreign tourists and business people who seemed to enjoy the facilities not minding the price. However, the hotel was not only able to cater for the international people considering the occasional times that they visited the hotel. The hotel therefore remained with the alternative of cutting down on the costs especially for the locals and probably maintaining the prices for the international visitors. The fear however, is that the international people may realize the differences in their quotations with the local visitors and complain of unfairness (Swensen, 2009). Alternatively, the hotel would open its facilities to the local people at a certain period of time when the international visitors are not visiting much. This will enable them to vary their prices according to the season.


  1. 1. the hotel needs to adequately maintain the facilities that are mostly being used 
  2. 2. the hotel needs to encourage the visitation of local tourists by giving them concessions 
  3. 3. introduce different packages according to the seasons to encourage regular visits to the hotel






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