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Writing of essays is an important part in the academic life of a student since at one time during their academics they will be required by their lectures to write an essay or essays. From definition, an essay is a piece of writing that is written from the perspective of the writer and therefore the presentation and the ideas in an essay are made according to the writer’s decisions. Although essays are very important in the academic life of a student, most students cannot compose good quality essays and this creates the need for essay writing services. Essay writing services are therefore the writing of academic essays on behalf of the student. Although most institutions discourage students from obtaining ready-made essays, most students still consider the services of professional essay writers for their needs in the production of academic essays.


In order to benefit from the essay writing service student should have idea on how the service works or the services provided. Although most students are aware of the services provided by the writing service, most of them do not get maximum benefits from them. The ability to obtain maximum benefits from the essay writing service provider depends on the individual efforts made by the student. Student who uses the service regularly should make personal choice on learning how to use the service in order to get maximum benefits.


Although the essay writing service does not have a general procedure of working most of them work or operate using general procedures. The first step that a student needs to make in order to benefit from the essay writing service is placing of an order. At this stage, the student is required to give clear details concerning their order. These details consist of the basic information about the order that include the quantity or the word count in the final written order. The details also include the quality of the essay, which include the relevant materials to be included in the essay or the main points that the writer of the essay should make while presenting or writing the essay. The student should also specify the time duration within which the essay should be complete. This implies that the student should give clear information concerning the deadline of the essay or the time within which the essay should be complete. After giving out the required information, the student is required to make an official order that involves making the required down payment according to the terms and conditions given by the writer.


After an appropriate order is made most of the essay writing service providers will work to ensure that, they meet the requirements of their customers in terms of the requirements in their essays. Although most providers of the essay writing service strive to achieve customers satisfaction most of them do not deliver services according to the expected results. There are several reasons why most essays written by essay service providers do not meet the requirements of the customers. The first reason is the lack of appropriate communication between the customer and the service provider. Lack of communication implies that either the student (customer) supplies the wrong information or the writer gets the wrong message. Giving the wrong information to the writer leads to the production of the wrong paper and this inconvenience both the student and the writer. Most providers of essay writing service are reliable since they strive to provide their customers with the correct essays according to their requests. However, some writing services lack reliability, and they end up giving or providing the customers with the wrong essays. The main complaint given by most service providers on the production of the wrong essay is poor instructions given by the customers. Essay writing service providers claim that most of the customers do not provide them with sufficient information or the customers lacks to provide them with reliable information concerning their orders.

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