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In most cases, any form of art is visualized and has a particular representation of something, which exist, or no longer existing. Photographs are such kind of representations which can in large way evoke past memories, and as noted in the discussion, they can bring out double form of violence. This paper discusses this concept and adds the idea of the art of Francis Bacon as representation of the western man who is seen to be alienated to the happenings of other areas apart from where he or she lives.

Art and Design: Violent Photographs and Agony

A photograph is said to be worth a thousand words, and this is to mean that a picture is always multi-sided or portrays more messages that could actually be seen. It therefore concurs that a photograph depicting violent situations could be carrying more than what can be presumed or depicted. A photograph shows still object or images that do not explain what happened prior and after the particular event as can be viewed or seen from the images. This is to mean that what can be seen is just a percentage of the whole issue. A photograph of a person holding a short gun is still and does not show the other preceding and after the actual shown episode. Therefore, if a person thinks more than it is shown, then, this picture demonstrates added degree of being violent and this concurs with the issue that a photograph can actually be violent than it is depicted.

According to Bergera, a photograph means double to the persons who experienced the situation as it happened. The example is that when a person dies while being held by another on the hand as the war ranges, that experience can be doubled if the person holding the hand is shown the photograph of the situation. It acts as a double reminder of the whole episode and it becomes more dangerous when those visualizations are brought back as a strong reminder. Therefore, a picture acts as a double show of violence to the persons who experienced the situation. While second time persons are shown the photographs for the first time, this is a second for the persons who experienced the situations as they happened. It is real agony and when this happens, the effect is on unmasking the extensive confrontation that happened in the mind of the person and others who might have been affected by the violent actions against the first person.

Francis Bacon and Walt Disney

Francis Bacon is an artist and from his representation of the human body, we see the western man as a person who is significantly alienated from what is happening around him. He is depicted as a person who is unconcerned with other things other than what is of benefit to him. His art is conformists and together with Walt Disney, they make some representations of human beings who exhibit alienated behaviors which generally look funny and more so sentimental. To him, these are not good behaviors and possibly the worst to happen to a person especially the western person. It is a crisis and as could as well be compared to the representation of human beings by Walt Disney, Bacon shows that the person is usually neat and this brings the thought of a person who does not involve him or herself on what is happening around him or her. Even though his art does not comment on any kind of experience, it however depicts what could be happening on the real life front.

The above arguments are shown clearly when the art of Bacon is compared to that of Walt Disney to distinguish the two forms of representations, and the one of Bacon is seen to be lacking expression. This he notes in his painting as really absurd as it is not expected of anyone; however, it does not mean that his arts are in any way thematic or related to any particular experience. But if this is the case, it means that there is much to be realized in this kind of human representation. In addition to this, Bacon notes that what is provoked is a sense of mindlessness and this is constantly demonstrated as the truth in virtually many of this paintings of the human representation and in the context, it can be said that the persons in the land where Bacon lived are such kind of persons.


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