a college term paper

Writing a college term paper is not easy probably because High schools do not prepare their students with essay writing skills that college professors anticipate and this makes many of the students to feel frustrated. However, there are ways in which one can improve their term papers without much hustle.

The first step is to get the teacher’s instructions clearly. Knowing what is required is very important because there is nothing frustrating in writing a college term paper than writing an essay so well yet it did  not follow the instructor’s instructions. Therefore, one should read the assignment sheet very carefully and incase of ambiguity one should ask their professor for clarification.


Once you are sure of the professors’ guidelines, the next step when writing a college term paper is to have a brainstorming session. Brainstorming is important because it helps one to bring out ideas about the topic of the term paper. It also assists one to outstand the crowd by having a unique topic that will be interesting to you, otherwise if you choose a topic in which you have no interest your enthusiasm and commitment is likely to fail along the way.

Once you have chosen the topic the next step in writing a college term paper is to do a research concerning that topic. This means that you have to go to a nearby library and do a thorough study on materials related to your topic.


When you have enough of the materials, the next thing, which you do when writing a college term paper is to prepare an outline. An outline is a sketch of your full work. It is like a guideline on what you will write on your term paper.

After writing the outline, you now have to write the introduction of your college term paper. A creative introduction puts a distinction between an excellent term paper and a moderate one. Have a startling introduction, which will draw the readers’ attention. Use your imagination and once you have, good introductions do not forget to have a thesis. A college term paper should have a thesis. A thesis is a description of your argument. It is a brief statement explaining your point of view concerning a particular subject.


Once you have the thesis and the introduction in place, it is now time to write your first draft. Here you follow the outline, which you had prepared earlier on. Here you substantiate your claims by providing evidence to support your arguments. Let each claim be on its own paragraph. In your first draft do not forget to include the bibliography, a bibliography is a description of your sources, which you have quoted and it is an important component of a good college term paper.


After finishing your first draft, keep away for sometime before you revise it. A good college term paper requires coherence and flow of words, and revising includes removing grammatical and spelling errors, which could be present in your work. When revising your college term paper give it to someone else to proof read t for you or double check as you read listening to yourself.

Having revised your first draft it is now time to write your final draft. Your final draft should have a good conclusion which is persuasive and which convinces the reader to adapt to your points of view.




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