Academic Essay Writing

Academic essay writing refers to papers written for academic purposes. The papers are assessed and graded depending on the writers input and relevance to the topic. Though academic essay writing is mainly for purposes of evaluation, the exercise can also be a good opportunity for learning about new topics and gathering more information on a particular discipline. Academic essay writing is taken seriously than writing any other kind of an essay. Time is taken in academic essay writing to ensure quality. Those engaged in academic easy writing follow basic structures recommended for writing quality academic essay on any given topic or discipline.


In academic essay writing, the writer explores or discusses issues based on academic studies. Though the writer is not supposed to reproduce what the assessor wants, for credibility in academic easy writing, it is necessary to cite references and resources properly throughout the essay. Acknowledging the source of information in academic essay  writing is an indication that the writer has knowledge about the topic and is also aware of what is happening in that particular field of study. In academic essay writing, coherence and clarity of the subject matter is very important to the reader. To the reader it shows that the writer understands the topic and is capable of communicating that understanding to the audience.


Writing a coherent academic easy can be a tedious process without proper organization and planning on the part of the writer. To avoid unnecessary time wastage the academic essay writer can do the following: Firstly, in academic essay writing, the writer must have a clear idea of what to write on. Through reading and literature review, the writer can get good ideas to include in the essay. With good ideas, the writer will need to formulate a thesis statement as the guide to what will be written.  Thesis statement sums up the entire essay with little word and gives direction to the writer.


Secondly, in academic essay writing, ideas must be organized systematically to help the reader follow through an argument or discussion. This is by organizing the easy into paragraphs.  Use of paragraphs in the main body of the essay will make the ideas to be better understood because each paragraph starts with a main point, followed by sub points.  In academic essay writing, paragraphs are equated to points that the writer wants the reader to understand.

Thirdly, in academic essay writing, word usage determines how well the easy is understood. Writers are advised to use words that are easily understood by the reader. For technical terms, it is advisable to paraphrase or explain the meaning in a language that can be understood by the reader.


Together with the above tips, when writing an academic essay, the writer needs to be more imaginative and creative. Giving personal viewpoint gives the easy more credibility than reproducing what the assessor expects.  Examples to clarify points and to capture the reader‘s attention. In academic essay writing, the introduction and the conclusion are very important. The introduction guides the reader into what is discussed in the easy and the conclusion summarizes by highlighting the main points in the essay. The reader is helped to keep track of the discussion. Academic easy writing can be very fulfilling.

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