Security Plan

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Security Plan

The Floor Plan: Convenience Store

Our target environment is a Convenience Store. Our target convenience store is merely a medium sized shop, which has been specialized in selling various items like candies, ice creams, some soft drinks, cigarettes, among other products. Looking at our store, it is located just alongside a busy street, and extremely populated surrounding. All these factors make it vital to have a security plan in order to ensure the place is safeguarded from any form of threats. This paper hence gives a detailed plan in ensuring there is security in the store. Before coming up with an appropriate security plan here, it is important that we note keenly the floor plan of our Convenience Store and see how effectively we can have a convenient plan in provision of maximum security to the store.

Possible Threats

There are a number of threats that are always expected in this store. There may also be chances of having a suicide bomber or a bomb left outside or inside the store hence causing a lot of damage and injuries to the large number of shoppers who visit the store. There is also the threat of fire (Strobi, 1998). This is quite unavoidable since it may occur due to electricity faults or anything related. Robbery and natural calamities are other possible threats to the convenience store.

Risk Assessment of the Threats

Risk assessment is a very crucial process in our convenience store in the determination of how a given risk can be quite disastrous. This helps in the determination of the vulnerability of the store and the necessary mitigations that can be adopted. The goals for our assessment will be to determine the risk levels, and see whether an addition in the security controls can be implemented in order to reinforce security, and see whether the risk levels can be tolerated in the store (Giles, 2008). Risk will be seen as a function of the possibility of any hazardous event multiplied by the impacts that will be caused by the event. In the determination of this possibility, threats to an organization will be analyzed by considering the present vulnerabilities.

Fire: this can be caused by electricity faults or other errors in the convenience store, which may result in adverse effects. The whole store will burn down into ashes hence causing great losses, and the reason mitigations operations are necessary. Very many fire extinguishers have been installed in strategic positions for fighting fire once there is an outbreak. In addition, there are communication system between the store and the near-by fire-fighting company.

In terms of impact analysis, any fire outbreak will have great impacts on the store and the reason control measures are necessary. Rating this risk, it is still of a great concern in the convenience store. In order to control any fire breakouts, it is necessary that all the people are sensitized in the operations of electricity in the store and ensuring that faulty sockets and switches are repaired. There is also the need to include more fire extinguishers. These controls will be necessarily in providing maximum protection from fire.

Bomb Threats: The possible causes are either a suicide bomber or an automatic bomb left in the open to detonate itself. This will not only damage the store but also kill and injure many people in the store, both customers and the attendants. In order to safeguard the store from similar bomb attacks, there are security guards at the two major entrances to the store. The surrounding walls have also been installed with detective gadgets, which are always serviced and upgraded in detecting any harmful gadget being crossed into the building. There will as well be the great need to have advanced technological applications in the store so that any kind of a threat is addressed early in advance. Since sometimes it may be hard to fight bomb explosions, there is improved communication with the county’s response team so that they can arrive at the scene once a bomb explodes for rescue operations (Strobi, 1998).

Natural Disasters: It may not be easy to predict such kinds of threats since they are extremely natural in terms of their occurrence. With these disasters, there is a proper drainage around the store so that floods may not cause damage on the building. Lightening is also contained using lightening arrestors.

Robbery: This will occur from human forces. There has been the adoption of security detail in preventing robbery in the store. There are also surveillance cameras around the store for recording any suspicious movements around the premises of the store.

Current Vulnerability Gaps

Vulnerability is the main reason why security standards and their accompanying regulations have to be put in place. The vulnerability gaps will exist between the times the vulnerable area or risk is noted and the time mitigation is put in place, or in other words, when the risks are patched. These gaps should be addressed keenly since they are what the attackers will look at in order to find and as well exploit to damage the store’s environment and working systems. This will either be because of personal gains or bring the store down on its knees (Strobi, 1998). Generally, the vulnerability gaps here have been keenly addressed and no much threat is expected here due to the size of the store.

Countermeasures for overall security

There are a number of measures that have been put in place here to ensure that there is overall security in the store. These countermeasures have been able to incorporate physical security measures, information and technology applications, personnel security and liability issues. In terms of physical security, there is the employment of security guards whose main role is to provide physical security measures for the store. There are also a number of detective appliances that have been installed around the perimeters of the store, plus an electric fence. All these measures provide physical security to the convenience store.

As experts argue, it will be extremely hard to have effective security measures without the adoption of information and technology systems. Should any possible threat be reported, it is important that information is relayed immediately to the security details so that they can take appropriate mitigation measures in countering the attack (Strobi, 1998). In addition, there would be instant communication with departments that respond to bomb attacks and fire extinguishing. This ensures that rescue operations are done in a competent manner. The issue of personnel security has also been addressed in the store. These personnel provide appropriate security to the store through ensuring that all the suspected people entering into the premises are frisked so that no life-threatening material enters into the building.

There are liability issues that may exist in the store as our target environment. Liabilities will exist from a number of issues. For instance, some people may decide to activate a given virus hence affecting the information delivery and computer communication in the organization like our store. Some people and managers may as well cause financial breakdowns so that the store may not be able to have sufficient security hence compromising the security operations in the convenience store (Giles, 2008). Therefore, there are frequent analyses of the system that are done in ensuring everything here runs smoothly. In addition, there is the integration of sophisticated equipments that cannot be easily compromised. This being a medium-sized convenience store, there are no much interdepartmental dependencies apart from the ones mentioned above.

Emergency plan and disaster responses

In the very first place, the already mentioned measures have always been applied in ensuring that there are reduced chances of having a bomb threat. However, in the event there is a bomb threat, an improved communication system ensures that the relevant authorities are immediately summoned for provision of rescue operations. There is also the application of Disaster Response Systems that incorporate different departments in fire fighting, medical experts, the army and rescue mission operations. There other response and emergency plan is for fire outbreaks (Giles, 2008). This is done in the same manner as for bomb attacks. However, there is are extinguishers that have been fixes in strategic positions for effective prevention and putting off any fire.

A Summary of the Security Design

In summary, the security plan here adopts the use of human resources, technological systems, and use of Emergency Response Systems, which will ensure there is an immediate response to any kind of danger that may be reported within the convenience store. This integrates the use of physical, information, and personnel security details so that the best measures are always put in place. Generally, the system and security plan for this store is intensive and appropriate for a store of its size.


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