a good college application essay

Writing a good college application essay

Many colleges are of the opinion that college application essays are vital in their admittance process. Therefore, writing a good college application essay is of utmost importance to any student with an objective of obtaining college admission. This is because a poorly written essay can cause a bright student to be rejected. On the other hand, students with marginal scores get into colleges of their dreams because of their good college application essay.


In the ensuing writing, we are going to see the features, which make a good college application essay. The first one is a sense of humor. While it is okay to be thoughtful and serious when writing a good college application essay it is necessary to temper your essay with a sense of humor. This is done by using interesting metaphors but it should not be overdone. An essay filled with bad pun jokes will end up in the rejection trash. Your intention in including humor in your essay is to bring a smile on the reader’s lips.


A good college application essay should also have a tone. You express your word and its implication on the reader of your essay in this style. Your tone can make your writing about your accomplishments sound like a braggart. One has to strike a balance between their pride in achievements and humility and generosity towards others.


A good college application essay should also reveal your character. Although it is a bit difficult to unmask a person’s character at the first instance, it is necessary that your essay includes your extracurricular activities, which could show some of the attributes that are required in a college such as team playing, leadership attributes as well as ability to work under minimal supervision.

Another aspect that has to be looked into, when, writing a good college application essay is the length of that essay. Most of the colleges have a well-defined limits of the college admission essay many of them stating a length of about one thousand words. Ensure that you do not exceed the set limitation.


Now let us have a look at how to go about when writing a good college application essay. The first thing is to brainstorm. This is where you gather ides as they come in regard to how you are going to write your essay. The goal of brainstorming is budding ideas on the subject matter of the essay. To develop the ideas one has to ask some questions such as when you were born, what was peculiar about your childhood. Your favorite books your role models and favorite work of art.

A major part of which one should think about when wring a good college admission essay is about your goals and admission. You have to explicitly explain why you think you are the best suited to pursue the course you want to pursue. You also have to think about the question of diversity. Many institutions are focusing on having a global presence and therefore would like to have students who have tolerance to racial and tribal prejudices. Do not include your prejudices in your college admission essay. Include a description of how you have previously handled stigma and prejudices if any have been orchestrated towards you. Finally, to conclude your good college admission essay you should restate your major points. In addition, you should include the some of your favorite quotations in life in general. Having done that, your college admission essay will leave an impression to your readers.


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