Decisions in Paradise

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Decisions in Paradise

Do you leave in Chicago,New York or London? the following article is then meant for you if your answer is yes!

The Preliminary Considerations for Rural Development Establishing a Greater Presence on Kava
Defining the issues that appear in this business scenario:
Kava is an island located south of pacific with over 50% of the population under the age of 15 years, which means that there are many children in the island. The tribes are mixed which includes Spanish, Asians, French and Africans. The indigenous religion takes 50% of the population and the rest are either, Buddhist, Islamic or Christians. Farming is practiced in the economy by use of quality labor, which is not expensive. The disasters that threaten the economy are Tsunami, Hurricanes, fire, eruptions of the volcano, spill of the petroleum and diseases such as HIV/AIDS and terrorism attacks among others.


There are organizations that offer assistance such as groups, which are based on faith, businesses as well as military. The company had a mission to be established in Kava to offer services that could benefit the people in order to get solution to many disasters that happen there. The government asked the company begin business at Kava because; the company is capable of developing and managing an effective organization structure, which includes marketing, technology, leadership as well as strategic planning. Kava produces goods and offer services which benefit people in the whole world. In addition, economics is very important in every country and help the country to grow and develop (Sandy, 2010).

Discussing the forces that are involved in formulation of the problem
When formulating the problem, objectives for the operations to be carried out should be set, in order to know whether they are profitable. Kava has agricultural products and the cost of labor is low but of high quality and there is need to source labor from other nations. Regional development helps rural areas to develop by having vision and planning strategically. This also leads to partnership at different levels to help the community in development and advancement of their plans. When planning is coordinated, the community is able to identify specific projects, which they establish in the region. Programs for grants help to fund facilities that are needed by the public such as safety, community initiatives and protection from fire. Funds for training are offered to the organizations in order to develop their employees so that they can obtain the necessary skills (

The people who operate businesses receive grants to help them in training the entrepreneurs. Initiatives for development in the community should provide information on how to get funds from different sources and effective techniques for fundraising. The financing programs provide support to the services as well as facilities for the public such as clinics, sewerage and emergency services. Businesses receive loans for development and expansion from banks and lending pools available in the community. Farmers and cooperatives get information for them to operate effectively.

Using problem formulation tools and techniques, describe the organizational and environmental obstacles in a way that considers various key stakeholders that will be impacted by decisions
Kava faces many obstacles such as threat from natural disasters, HIV/AIDS disease, terrorism as well as spills of petroleum. The government of kava should put more effort to provide the citizens with basic needs and first aid. Ocean Queen as a stakeholder should establish a plan for rebuilding all the areas, which are affected by the disasters. There is need to identify areas that encounter specific problems in order to have programs for improvement and mechanisms that would warn people about disasters that may affect them in future. Identification of the problem is important to come up with standards that ensure the area is safe and improve the life of islanders. In the process of rebuilding, workers will be needed to provide labor, hotels to be rebuild, measures to prevent disasters as well as humanitarian aid.

Evaluation should be done in order to ensure that the costs incurred are less than the revenue generated so that the choice made is profitable. However, is becomes difficult to foresee the benefits unless there is knowledge about market behavior through systems of survey. The life of people should be given first priority and the environment because of the disasters that the inhabitants of Kava have experienced. The resources required need evaluation during the process of decision-making and ensure that all what is planned is followed (Sandy, 2010).



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