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College essays are written in different areas where it can be an assignment given to students or an examination. Sometimes a student may be given an essay as the assignment and the student is bombarded with the question on how to tackle the topic. In that case, the best way to answer such a question is by first identifying what kind of personality you have and pick the type of essay that best fits it.

If a student likes to argue then he or she might find it easier to do the argumentative essay also known as the persuasive essay. In such an essay, the writer is required to take a definite position in an argument and support his or her stand using relevant statistics, opinions offered by experts on the same and various evidences. The writer may be required to give a review of the opposition and explain why it may be wrong.

Descriptive essays are suitable for a student who possesses descriptive abilities in order to complete the assignment. These kinds of essays expound on what the topic is, why it is important to cover the topic, how the topic is relevant, when the topic emerged and where the topic may be featured.

Other essays such as the comparison essays bring out the similar features and different features in two topics. The other types of essays are the evaluation essays that give a descriptive account of an event that may have occurred or is yet to materialize or gives the importance of a thing together with its relevance or value. Narrative essays are those that strive to give a story as it unfolds in the chronological order of events. In order to make the essay meaningful, it should bring out a point with considerable relevance, a lesson that tackles the contemporary issues in a moral way and it should bring forth an idea that may be necessary in solving some of the problems of our time.

Some essays are tackled by students in class in form of a test that is timed preferably at forty minutes. With such limited time to write up ideas relating to the topic provided, the student will require to plan their work. It is therefore important to break down the plan according to timeframes. The student should spend about ten minutes going through the topic, which is inclusive of the passage and the plan of the general layout of the essay. For the next twenty-five minutes, the student should intensively engage himself or herself in writing the essay and for the last five minutes, the students should proofread the essay.

Planning is done on the test booklet where the student may highlight on key words or crucial phrases in order to help the student relate a passage to the essay question and to collect evidence to be used as referral points in the essay.  Through planning, the student should draw a thesis statement, a list of evidence in order and a list of paragraph sets in a logical flow.

The student should conform to the conventional format of writing in prose where there is the introduction part of the essay, the body of the essay and the conclusion at the end of the essay. The introduction should contain a sentence that harbors the ideas of the essay and they should be communicated at ease to clearly explain the thesis statement. The body is made up of paragraphs that are the life source of the essay; these paragraphs should each have a topic sentence, which guide the rest of the ideas in the paragraphs. The student should be keen to ensure that these paragraphs are linked to the thesis carefully by the topic sentences. The conclusion should be as elaborate as the introduction by trying to put across a point out rather than a mere summary of the essay and this will go a long way for the students in portraying their superior essay writing skills. Proofreading is indeed necessary in correcting the grammatical errors such as words that are misspelled or errors in punctuating.

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