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Custom  writing  is  offering  assistance  in  writing  of  academic  materials  such  as;  term  papers,  academic research  papers,   speeches  and  thesis. Custom writing service is provided   professionally and in any academic field.  Custom  writing has  a  guarantee  that  the  work  produced  is  of  high  quality,  confidential,  and    essay  is  done  strictly  according  to  the  customers  specification. Custom writing enables the customer to place order with specified deadline to be met. Custom  writing  is  in  response  to;  difficulties  faced  by  students when  writing  essays  such  as;   frustration  to  many  students  in  easy  writing  due  to  the  work  load  involved, lack  of  research  resources,  complication  of  the  research  work,  lack  of  enough  time. 


Custom writing considers the following factors; The  essay  should  be  free  of  plagiarism The essay written should be of high quality. The  deadline  must   be  observed Writing  should  be  done  according  to  the  given  instructions such  as  the  writing  styles. custom  writing  major concern is  plagiarism   since  all  the  work  done  must  have  0%   plagiarism.  In custom writing Plagiarism  means  taking  and  using  someone’s  writing,  idea  or  invention  and  claiming  it  directly  or  indirectly  to  be  yours.  In  custom  writing  there  are  various  methods  of  reducing  or  avoiding  plagiarism  which  include;  text  citation, referencing  and  paraphrasing.  In  custom  writing  the  written  work  is  usually  passed  through  plagiarism  tests   and  there  are  special  software  that  are  used  for  the  purpose.  In  custom  writing  there  are  some  questions  which  have  been  very  common  which  include; Is the service legal?  Well  purchasing  anything  is  legal  provided  what  you  are  purchasing  is  legal.  Who are the employees of these custom writing companies?  custom  writing  companies  employ  college  and  university  graduates so  as  to  ensure  that  the  work  produced  is  of  high  quality  and  competent.

What type of work is provided?  The  work  provided  by custom writing include  writing  of  essay,  term  papers,  book  reports,  research  proposals and design  of  questionnaires. What is the ordering process?   Most  of  the  custom  writing  service  providers  have  an  automated  ordering  system   whereby  the  customer  needs  to  choose;  the  title  of  the  paper,  paper  category (essay,  term  paper, thesis,  research  paper, creative  writing  etc.),  specify  the  number  of  pages,  deadline  of  the  papers,  specify  the  number  of  sources,  choose  citation  style  (  MLA,  APA  Harvard  Turabian) and  the  academic  level. 

Writing  of  essay  is  a  difficult  task  especially  when  exceptional  quality  of  the  essay  is  required.  Custom writing is important to everybody and more so to students. However,  due  to  their  work  load  and  deadlines  of  submitting  essay  sometimes  it  is  useful  to  seek  the  services  of  professional  writers.  Custom writing services do professional work where the necessary formatting and citations are observed.  Custom writing service help  the  student  to  devote  his  or  her  time  on  other  important  issues  such  as  studies,  work and family. It  is  also  important  to  note  that  some  students  are  not  talented  on  essay   writing  and  hence  leaving  the  work  to  custom  writers  is  a  good  idea.


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