Review a Protest Song as a Cultural Text

Review a Protest Song as a Cultural Text
For this assignment, you will choose one “protest song” to examine sociologically.
This can come from the list you read the first week or you can choose a song
Pretend the reader of your essay is the editor of a socially conscious magazine
looking for submissions for a Culture column. Describe what is interesting and
important about the cultural text. Your essay should address the following
-        What is the main argument of the song?
-        What “social issue” or “issues” is the song addressing? How? Why?
-        How does this connect with one social theory we have studied in class? [Choose on
theory from: Marx, Mills, Gramsci, DuBois, Bourdieu or Foucault and describe how
your cultural text supports or contradicts this theory].
Your essay should be 3 pages long, double spaced, written in Times New Roman 12pt
font, with 1-inch margins and no large spaces between paragraphs.
A note: Remember, our goal is to use the sociological imagination to connect what we
see with the society and history around us.