How does encephalitis differ from meningitis?

The Nervous System Structure
1.      Describe the structure and function of the nervous system
The Nervous System
2.      Describe the components of a healthy nervous system and give their functions.
3.      Describe a major viral disease, major bacterial disease, or parasitic disease of the nervous system. Include the characteristics of the disease and possible treatment.
4.      List 3 organism that cause meningitis 
5.      Application of Microbiology
In applying the knowledge learned in microbiology, what techniques can be used in our everyday lives to prevent infections?    
6.      Application
You are a microbiologist and there is a sudden outbreak of a disease with characteristics of flesh-eating bacteria. Seventy-five individuals have symptoms of this disease in California, Washington DC, and Kansas. Ten days later, 500 individuals have the disease in twelve states. No organism has been identified and most of the individuals who have the disease have had contact with other infected individuals. You have been employed by the government to give advice on how to handle such a disease. What would be your advice? What steps would you take to identify an organism?
7.      Pathogenic Bacteria
What is pathogenic bacteria and what kind of foods are associated with it?
8.      How does encephalitis differ from meningitis?