how the Black Death got to Europe

Complete the reading as per the
syllabus for Topic 3, Finish listening to the lectures for Topic 3 and review the
audio lecture outline/transcript for Topic 3
View the documentary on the Black Death under "Watch Course Video Here" and write a
'review,' 2-3 pages double-spaced, with the following included:
In your review cover what this disease is (the Black Death), how it got to Europe,
and its impact on Europe.  Also include whether you liked the documentary and why or
why not (this is a film review).
European Conflicts-15th to `8th Centuries
1482-1492 – Siege of Granada in Southern  Spain (versus Moorish troops)
1480’s – Spanish versus Ottoman troops Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus
1490’s – French versus Spanish troops in Northern Italy
1526 – Ottoman victory in Hungary
1560’s – Civil war in France (religious differences), revolt in the Netherlands
against Spain
1618-1648 – Thirty Year’s War (Protestants versus Catholics)
1660’s to 1713 – Wars of Louis XIV
1700-`720 – Great Northern War (Russia versus Sweden)
1739-1748 War of Austrian Succession
1756-1763 – Seven Years War (French and Indian War in North America)        
1775-1783 – American Revolution (turning into a European war involving England,
France, Spain)
1792-`8`5 – Wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon (fought between France and a
coalition of the Austrian Empire, England, Prussia and Russia)
Above are examples of various European wars where disease had an important impact.