cultural-based behavior patterns

  This week’s reading assignments
include chapters relating to the provision of psychological treatments in
correctional settings. Chapter 12 discusses the findings of Boothby & Clements
(2000) survey of psychologists working in state and federal correctional facilities
across the U.S. Increasingly, the prison populations reflect a high number of
inmates suffering from identified mental illnesses. This presents issues for
corrections personnel who are responsible for the safety of prisoners as well as the
safety of staff. The goals of the correctional psychological service providers may
not be consistent with the overall goals of the institution. The mental health
status of offenders impacts staffing considerations, both in number and in skills,
of incarceration facilities. Large populations of inmates with mental health issues
can impact the stress levels of staff, which can influence their job performance as
well as their interpersonal relationships.
Address the following points in your paper
Discuss the impacts of the psychological make–up of offenders has on the functional
responsibilities of incarceration facilities.
Discuss how the biases and assumptions of correctional service providers influence
their assessment of and interaction with these offenders.
Explain your findings within the continuing context of the endogenous and exogenous
theories of criminal behavior and the analysis of how our biases and assumptions
influence our assessments of individuals.
Correlate your findings to the cultural-based behavior patterns specific to segments
of the population with an evaluation of the potential impact and intervention
strategies utilized to reduce the impact of stress on law enforcement